Fri. Apr 19th, 2024
SEO company Australia

With online competition in Australia reaching an apex in 2022, it is becoming increasingly difficult for business owners to compete in the digital marketing realm without using an SEO company Australia

Even in-house teams are struggling or need to be increased to cope, which can be more expensive than outsourcing to an SEO company. 

So here we look at pointers to make sure you narrow down a shortlist of companies that will do what they say they will, so let’s get to it.

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Choose an SEO Company in Australia

  1. Trust a Company With Experience

Experience is crucial even in a relatively young industry such as digital marketing. 

With so many different SEO agencies to choose from, finding ones with experience in your city, town or suburb and within your industry is a good start.

Most successful SEO agencies show their team on their website and are proud of doing so. Look at their team online. Look for diverse skills within the team covering many different aspects.

Both online and in their offices, they should be able to show an array of previous projects and web designs. Most successful companies are happy to offer you a breakdown of businesses they have helped grow and still service today. 

  1. An SEO Company Gets Results

In 2022, with high competition, you need more resources to compete for the top rankings for search terms on Google.  

So for an individual small business owner to think that they can run a business and do comparable SEO to a medium-sized company in the same outsourcing field is almost impossible. 

You now need a whole team to work constantly on a designated campaign to see quick ranking results. But overtime work on converting the new traffic to your site into new business.  

SEO is no longer a hobby or something you can do when you have time. Also, now with more parameters than ever, for someone untrained to make adjustments to a web page can be detrimental if they are not competent with SEO. 

SEO specialists are trained to identify weaknesses on-page and off-page, make adjustments, and market your business correctly.

  1. Time Management 

As mentioned above, Google-friendly SEO is now time-consuming. There are over 200 ranking factors Google’s algorithm considers on every page of every website. 

It needs constant care and attention, something that most small to medium sized businesses couldn’t do pre-pandemic. Now, many of them find themselves with less staff than in 2019.  

Hiring the right SEO agency and having a full-time campaign manager removes the stress so that you can run your business. 

  1. An SEO Company Focuses on ROI, Not Clicks

The digital marketing world has moved swiftly from the days of rankings being achieved due to clicks. Clicks mean nothing if they don’t turn into a lead or purchase online.  

When SEO specialists take on a campaign, they also will do on-page work to ensure the website helps coordinate between more traffic and conversions. 

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  1. They Provide you With Market Data

A digital marketing agency continually monitors analytics and every aspect of traffic and online behavioural patterns to provide up-to-date information about many factors.

Use this information to help grow your business. They are constantly analysing your competition to supersede them. Therefore, they will share information on their actions to help grow your business and capture some of their market.

  1. An SEO Campaign Cuts Costs on Expensive Advertising

Working with an agency will map out priorities. This is especially good for many business owners who are unsure about SEO nd what it can do or are stuck in the good old days (now gone).  

They will also give harsh statistics about traditional media, advertising space, or misguided online pay-per-click advertising. 

Expensive media buys should be a thing of your marketing budget past. Once you understand how the world has changed in marketing terms, you’ll grasp the power of SEO when you partner with the right company. A third-Party Constantly Monitoring Changes 

With SEO constantly evolving, all SEO campaigns involve forward thinking and planning.  

Even when a campaign is underway, the best SEO agencies don’t just stick with it. And they will tweak and constantly adjust to keep ahead of changing online trends, with traffic and conversion at the top of the list. 

The global pandemic has seen behavioural patterns change drastically. Local SEO has become a sensation, and what worked in 2019 does not necessarily work now. 

  1. A Digital Marketing Agency is Multifaceted

An Integrated marketing approach is proven to provide premium overall results compared with an isolated marketing plan.

Modern successful agencies will:

  • Fix on-page issues adhering to Google’s Best Practices
  • Get your local SEO set up and constantly worked on
  • Advise you on any paid advertising to help with your SEO
  • On-Page SEO constantly helps build backlinks and raise your online credibility
  • Web development, helping develop your website or, if your site is old, assist in building an SEO-friendly site to speed up results
  1. Finances

With labour laws in Western countries meaning a big wage, tax and holiday pay commitment, many small businesses cannot afford the number of staff needed to execute a successful SEO campaign.

Basic packages can start at less than one member of staff’s monthly salary without the taxes and paperwork costs. 

  1. When your Rankings are Suffering

All online businesses must understand that having a website doesn’t equal success. A website now needs constant work; this marketing doesn’t stand still for anyone.  

When your rankings are suffering, and you don’t know how to turn that around, reading a few guides and journals on DIY SEO is not the answer in 2022.

Find yourself a professional team to do it for you. Start small, work with them to grow your business, and then slowly increase your marketing budget. Work as a team. 


Google now sees 8.7 billion daily searches, up from 5.5 billion in 2019. That’s a staggering increase in such a short period. However, these numbers are not declining; this is the ‘new norm’. With that in mind, if you need more exposure to your brand, find the right SEO company Australia to work alongside you to help you grow. Good luck. 



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