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Parking is not just an inconvenience for people on the go, it can be a great source of stress and frustration. If you are looking for parking solutions, then Valet Computerized parking solutions are the best option!


It is not easy to find a good parking spot in the city. Especially when you are trying to get somewhere on time.


You can always ask for someone’s help, but that takes up valuable time and may be awkward. Or you could drive around, but then there is the risk of getting lost or running out of gas.


Fortunately, there are computerized parking solutions available that will give you an easier way to park your car!


This blog post talks about valet computerized parking solutions and how they can make life easier for everyone involved!


About Computerized Valet Parking Systems (CVPS)


Computerized Valet Parking Systems (CVPS) – These systems consist of a ticketing kiosk where the driver enters their vehicle’s license plate number and payment information, as well as a means of retrieving their car.


This retrieval system depends on the type of system being used at the particular garage or deck.


Some have an automated arm that raises from underground to present the car on an elevator platform to the driver, while others use a keycard that triggers a gate or door to open.


Here is How Valet Computerized parking solutions work:


The valet computerized parking solution consist of 2 major components:


  1. A ticketing kiosk where you enter your license plate number and payment information ( This can be done online or on the machine itself.)


  1. A valet who will park your car for you! This person is typically at the front entrance of the building, waiting for you.


A computerized valet parking system is the easy way to park your car! You do not have to go in circles or run out of gas. All you need to do is give them information about your vehicle and leave it at that!


With this handy guide, it will be easy for you to find a great parking solution for your car.


Advantages of Valet Computerized Parking Solutions:


For one, you do not have to search for a parking spot! If you had to drive around and waste gas looking for parking, then you would be wasting money.


You will also not get lost trying to find the right place because there is no such thing as finding the perfect spot- It has already been done for you by these valet computerized parking solutions!


These systems will also help you get where you are going on time and not in a rush. You do not want to be late because then your day will start out badly.


While it may seem like a hassle just to read this article, remember that reading one paragraph can save you the stress of looking for an hour’s time!


You could even get a ticket for not parking in the right place or if you do not read the signs. If you park somewhere where there is no sign, then you might get towed away.


You can avoid this annoying situation by using these valet computerized parking solutions!


What makes Valet Computerized Parking Solutions so Great:


For one, these parking solutions are a lot easier to use than just driving around looking for an open spot.


Also, if you get lost, then it will be easy for you to find your car because you have two locations- One being the place that you parked and the other being where your car is being held until it is time to retrieve it.


Another reason why these systems are great is the security of knowing the location of your car at all times.


If you drive around, then there may be some areas that are unsafe for you to park in (such as an area with too much traffic).


It will also be difficult for you to find your vehicle if you were not paying attention when you parked it. Not only that, but if the vehicle is stolen, then chances are pretty likely that you will never see it again!


By using a valet computerized parking solution, you can avoid all of these problematic situations and truly enjoy your time.


It is also a good way to make sure that you do not exceed the time limit and get charged more than you were supposed to!



What do you need to use a computerized Valet parking system (CVPS)?


There are only two requirements to park with a valet computerized parking solution: a license plate number and payment information.


It is not necessary to have vehicle insurance or registration on hand, as those details are already in the system when you register for an account.


How much does computerized parking cost?


The price of a valet operator’s services depends on several factors, namely: location, time in garage or deck, and your vehicle size.


You can check out the pricing options to determine which one is right for you!




Using a valet computerized parking solution is probably one of the smartest decisions that you will make for your car. It saves time and gas, which in turn will save money!

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