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In a high temperature of Dubai, you should ensure that your Jaguar and Cadillac runs smoothly. At Orange Auto, we offer services like battery checks, oil change, 3D tinting and ceramic paint protection using products from the leading names in the automotive industry. Our garage is equipped with state of the art equipment for an oil change, tire replacement, jeep repair services, and wheel repair. The genuine parts for your ride come with a 12-months warranty. Our service includes a free checkup of the software and any other mechanical service that may be required.

Enhance the Resale Value of your Ride

On top of exquisite service, regular service at Orange Auto will ensure that the resale price is maximized through the Jaguar vehicle maintenance! Consider the service of your car at our Renault garage as an investment because Orange Auto only uses genuine parts and approved lubricants. Regular jeep repair services improve the resale value.

In addition, serious problems can be prevented by regular services. This will help in safeguarding the resale value of your car so Jaguar vehicle maintenance is done professionally for you in Orange Auto. Regular services also act as a check for ensuring the health of your car’s fuel consumption is positive!

The convenience of Purchasing Tires Online

We only sell tires which have been manufactured recently. We share the manufacturing date with our clients. Unlike local shops which sell expired tires, we focus on providing you fresh tires in Dubai. They not only last long but they are also safe to use. Your safety is our top priority. In our online store, you will find a huge variety of tires.

We stock tires of Yamaha, Bridgestone, Hankook, Kumho, Marshal, Yokohama, Nexen, Kenda, Dunlop and so on. We only deal with the top companies in the market and only stock fresh tires. So you can order them online without worrying about getting an expired tire. We offer multiple options of secure payment for your conveniences like PayTabs, Visa and MasterCard.

Experienced Technicians

We understand that you want reliability when it comes to taking your ride to any Cadillac garage. We have been servicing Jaguar and Cadillac on meticulous grounds to ensure that our customers remain satisfied. Our technicians have vast knowledge about every Jaguar. This is because, over the years, our technicians have gained experience of millions of man hours. Other than this, they have trained by the makers of the cars; hence, they are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills regarding proper vehicle maintenance. As a result, our servicing has only improved and graduated to a whole new reliable level. At Orange Auto, we ensure that the Cadillac vehicle maintenance meets international standards.

Contact us

From set pricing to ground-up restorations – we offer everything for your precious rides! We pride in delivering requisite services for continued top performance of your car and Cadillac vehicle maintenance. We understand the tidbits of your vehicle and the jeep repair services that you need. Orange Auto is just one phone call away for booking your next appointment.

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