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In this age of digital world, there are millions of users throughout the world who use daily smart phones and different types of digital devices. People are now a days using their smartphones to use Facebook, YouTube and even they shop online. Daily millions of items are purchased by people like clothes, shoes, smartphones, beauty products and many more digitally. Millions of people love to play games using different types of devices. But now they are using advanced phones to play on them.

On other hand many popular brands of smartphones in the world are producing special editions for gaming. Due to their best game play and advanced features many people use them to play different types of popular games on them. 

Fast internet connection is also playing a vital role behind great usage of smartphones and online gaming. Yes, it is true that millions of people have their YouTube channels and they play live games which are easily watched by millions of their followers throughout the world.

There are many high standards mobile phones games available which are widely loved and played by millions of people. Top of the list are Pub g, counter strike and many more. These types of gaming are widely loved by millions of people throughout the world and they are well known as gaming, Lego light kit is useable for games.

These types of professional gamers are earning thousands of dollars buy playing online. YouTube channels and Facebook are playing a vital role behind their earning. They play online games on their YouTube channels. Anyone can subscribe to their YouTube channel and watch their game. Even you can easily access to your Facebook account to watch directly their gaming videos on it. 

Throughout the world different people organised online gaming tournaments. People from different areas of the whole globe take part in these types of tournament. These are widely watch by millions of people all around the globe. Great interest of teenagers in video gaming is making it highly popular and million-dollar industry. Although, the advancement in the latest mobile technology and fastest internet is the big reason behind playing of video games on smartphones and moreover millions of users love to watch online streaming.

Because of these factors many video games have adopted this is a profession.  More importantly, video gaming industry also requires some types of specialist like game designers’ animators and other artists which play a very vital role in generating new versions of different latest mobile and video games. Following jobs relate with the video gaming industry. 

Video Game Designers

Those who are interested to make video game as a profession love to become video game designer. Basically, video game designer gave the initial and main concept about any game. Their main job is to provide the main story and characters including in the game. Collaborating with the other members of the team like programmer’s audio engineer and artist they developed the most advanced and unique games. 

Video games software developers and computer programmers

The main job of software developers and computer programmer is to convert the idea of game designers in to final product. We can say that game designers plan for the game and software developers and computer programmers implement on it. Moreover, they design different types of software by which video games work.  

Video Games Animators

Video game animators and other artists also very important part of gaming industry because they put life into them visually. With the help of different types of special software air, they create different pictures which are then included in a video game. They also create different types of characters and whole environment of the games. 

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Audio engineer of video games

They are also important in playing their part while making of video games because they use different types of computers and electrical equipment in order to create different types of sound effects and soundtracks for video games. Everything a player or user of video games hear in the game is due to their great effort. They are responsible for giving voice to different types of characters, they create sound effects and background music in video games. 

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