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The reviews and feedback from clients are the most valuable aspects of enhancing your reputation. From building a strong client base to restoring damage reputation, testimonials could play a pivotal part in convincing your potential customers availing your services or products. Good, positive customer review never goes unnoticed. After a superb experience, encourage your clients and customers to post something positive that you can make use in your marketing strategy is a brilliant idea.


Now the question is most of the businesses already have a testimonial page on their website, so what new I’m suggesting? Before answering this question, I want to put forward few questions for you. Do you still use qwerty keypad mobiles? Can you remember the last time you have ordered pizza without using a food delivery app or chased a cab on the road (without booking it via an app)? I’m pretty sure the answers will be NO. The point that I want to prove is that we are adjusting ourselves according to technological progress. New ideas are rapidly replacing conventional thinking. Similarly, only having a testimonial page with an image of the client and written reviews will no longer bring the desired results. This is the reason video testimonials could be an amazing move for the promotional purpose. It is the age of visual marketing and video testimonial is the most potent weapon of this generation.


What is a Video Testimonial, Exactly?

Video testimonials are a huge factor for boosting the image of your brand. Actually, video testimonials are a video of a client where he/she is talking about the magnificent features of that company’s products or services. It is a video where the client is sharing his or her experience with the company. The client may talk about their identity, the value they are enjoying by using the product or services and what they like most about the company.


Let’s discover wonderful promotional perks hiding in a video testimonial


  • Nowadays, you need to display client testimonials in a more engaging and interesting way. A video testimonial is almost always effective to draw the attention of the viewers. Customer testimonial videos are also especially well-suited for 1:1 sales outreach.


  • The credibility and acceptance of video testimonials are greater than text reviews. Video reaches 3x as many people and gets 20% more attention compared to the written testimonials. The growing video usage as evidenced by YouTube is a glorious example of the influential effects of videos.


  • When it comes to fan-building, lead generation and brand awareness, no other medium can rival video testimonials. One of the finest things about video testimonials is they are overly mobile-friendly, thus can play a vital part in instantly converting a customer who already thinking of purchasing your product or availing your services.


  • The consumer world is driven by the notion “If the company has solved others problem, they can solve mine too”. You can make a statement of your service and establish a strong claim to prove your worthiness. Video testimonials are a superb way to make connection of your existing clients with your potential clients. This will keep you one step ahead of your competitors.


I’ve put together the most indispensable advice for creating an appealing video testimonial


Maintain the originality: In any type of advertising, credibility is key. Try to keep original user-generated content rather than a doctored video while adding video testimonials on your website. Bear in mind that you cannot befool your customers by uploading a fake video anymore as they can quickly identify the authenticity. Your audience is smarter than you think. It is advised that if you don’t have any video testimonials from your client, wait and ask them for one instead of putting up a fake video testimonial.


Do not turn your video testimonial to a sales pitch: Please, stay away from turning your video testimonial to a sales pitch. Let your clients share the experience of the improvements they saw as a result of your service, product or solution. You should give the customer a free run to speak from the heart. The video testimonial may not seem that your clients are reading out a script where they are told to only recommend your company. Give attention to make your video testimonials believable.


Make it brief & concise: A video testimonial that is brief and concise can have an amazing transformative impact on your viewers. The magnetism of a short video is larger than a long video. Do keep in mind that, video testimonials are not created for entertaining purpose. You need to know the subtle difference between professional video testimonial and a promotional video.


Pay utmost attention to the quality & settings of the video: Visualization and concept are the two crucial elements that will make the difference between an average video and an inspiring video. Selecting a nice frame, professional background and good lighting is essential. It’s worth taking the time to get high-quality equipment. Give special care that each video testimonial should have an appealing caption that encourages your clients to actually play it.


Final Thoughts

In the field of internet marketing, a video testimonial is the most value-driven content medium. We are all influenced by the opinions of others to some extent. An engaging video testimonial effectively engages with your target customer audience unlike any other alternative content form

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Rajdeep Bose is a new-age entrepreneur with an immense expertise in a wide range of IT-related services such as ERP solutions, Mobile app development and internet marketing. He is the director of NATIT Solved Pvt. Ltd. and the co-founder of CBNITS

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