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Video games have become an inseparable part of the lives of the new generation. There are plausible reasons for the same as well. Playing restaurant games increases the brain response, and makes us better at solving complex problems. Here are some of the main advantages of playing video games:


  • Relieves Stress- Gaming is a great way to escape reality and get distracted for a while. It relieves stress levels and alleviates anxiety. Many stress buster games are designed to decrease stress and trigger happy hormones.
  • Provides a sense of achievement- When we win rewards that we earn from our efforts, it gives a sense of achievement which is crucial to keep us motivated and happy. 
  • Brain training- Playing video games trains our mind to work under pressure and increases its reaction speed. It improves critical thinking and logical reasoning skills as well. Cooking simulator helps in brain development. 
  • Vocabulary- There are advanced terms used in the gaming world, which acts as a useful tool in learning language and improving vocabulary. Players learn how to use the words in a sentence. 


  • Educational- The games are usually related to a particular field or industry. They are the simulation of the genuine world infrastructure and systems, so they can be very educational. They expose the players to the procedure, tools and types of people which is an excellent way of educating them. Games like a Cooking diary helps you have an education, both offline and online.  


  • Socialize- Players get to socialize with other players all over the world, share ideas and bond over interests. It works in dealing with stress and loneliness. 


  • Creativity- The gamers are usually very creative and innovative. In games, we need to find multiple solutions to one problem. These makers are proficient in seeking out new directions. And making something new out of our present resources. This is extremely necessary for the real-life scenario as well. We struggle with many problems which we might encounter in real life as well.


 Hence, gaming trains and equips us with skills that we can also use in the real world to excel. The gaming world is becoming more multi-dimensional and realistic with the advancing of artificial intelligence, virtual reality and augmented reality. As the internet speed has improved to 5G and the services have improved, the experience has become more seamless than ever. 


The use of artificial intelligence in video or simulation games like Master Chef allows non-player characters to display responsive, adaptive, and human-like behaviour. Artificial Intelligence is about change, the future of almost every industry and the gaming industry is not different. It is in fact playing a significant role in the development of recent technologies like big data, robotics, IoT, and many others. Commercially, the power of artificial intelligence is being incorporated into games today. AI is improving our reality and will succeed in making an advanced gaming world of the future that will not fail to amaze us. 

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