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It is a misconception harbored by many that the civilians of the South Asian countries exhibit similar, if no, the same appearances. However, there are differences in cultural and social norms that depend on one’s ethnicity. It is because of these differences that most men tend to prefer Vietnamese women as their equal. The following reasons provide the needed proof-

1. Cultured

Vietnamese women are brought up in highly cultured families and are sometimes perceived as a traditionalist. While wooing a Vietnamese woman, one is sure to receive a cultural shock as most are not used to it. Well mannered and dedicated, Vietnamese women when treated with the utmost care and respect, would reciprocate the same feelings manifoldly.

2. Trustworthy

Vietnamese women are always considered as trustworthy and devoted. As they are raised in a family where culture and tradition hold high values, they understand the dedication needed towards marriage and even courting which makes them immensely trustworthy by nature. When it comes to problem-solving, communication is the key. Like every other woman, a Vietnamese woman too holds high morals and will never succumb to unacceptable methods. They will listen and understand your point of view while standing up for themselves whenever necessary.

3. Family-oriented

It is truly said that if you marry a Vietnamese woman, you also marry her family and vice-versa. This also means that these women share a close bond with their as well as your family. Because of their helpful nature, a Vietnamese woman will never refuse to provide aid to anyone in the family. In fact, she will treat her partner’s family like her very own and will expect the same. If one is fortunate enough to date and marry a Vietnamese woman, she would take care of and support everyone by being an excellent homemaker.

4. Loyal

When it comes to loyalty, one can always trust Vietnamese women. Vietnamese dating may seem conventional by nature but it is solely because of their upbringing in a family who highly values their customs and beliefs. If one is to marry a Vietnamese woman, they will be nurtured with the utmost respect. Unlike most people of western culture, who considers Vietnamese women to be ‘closed off’ or ‘traditional’ by behaviour, their traits often lead many to appreciate and respect them thereby becoming their preferred choice.

5. Independent

There is a rumor spread which is believed by many that Vietnamese women are after men who are financially loaded. On the very contrary, Vietnamese women are favoured for dating and marrying even more than the Thai brides. Women in Vietnam are independent and supportive, which are one of the many qualities admired in a person. They are usually self-sufficient and therefore do not have a tendency to rely on anyone but on themselves in fulfilling their whims and fantasies.


There are many more qualities that make a Vietnamese woman one of the best choices as one’s companion for life. They are truly considered to be born with beauty and a brain and are therefore preferred by many men as their other half.

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