Sat. Feb 24th, 2024
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To mark the special day of your life especially when you are expecting a newborn in your family, a baby shower comes as a blessing. The term baby shower especially denotes the gathering of your close friends, relatives, and family members to cherish the moment and good news of your new life. What if the condition does not allow you to get together for the celebration or you are away from all your family member or have been restricted due to certain reasons to travel? There is nothing to be upset about or canceling your plans to throw a bash even if you are not able to celebrate it face to face. Right now, an online or a virtual baby shower makes more sense for the safety of all your family members and you.

Virtual baby showers have made it easier for everyone to keep in touch with their close and loved ones to host a party even if they are miles away. One of the crucial benefits of hosting your baby shower virtually is that you will not have to travel when safety measures are the indispensable party of everyone’s life at present and you can invite even bigger group and is less expensive too!

We have specially come up with some of the amazing recommendations and ideas that you would love to know to turn your traditional baby shower into a virtual celebration. Especially the expecting moms will be excited to know that these ideas can be pretty fun filling and safe for them as well.


Now that you have planned to throw an amazing virtual baby shower for your loved ones, the online venue for the special occasion is your home of course! You get so many options to go with video-sharing applications online. One of the best ways can be live streaming so that you can bring every friend and family member together to spend celebrating time together. Apart from living streaming on social media, you can personally do video chat with multiple or a group with the help of video chatting apps. All you need to consider the first and foremost thing is your internet connection and its speed. A poor internet connection can ruin the entire party’s mood.


One of the amazing things about a virtual baby shower to make it memorable is to know that you can include special moments from the traditional baby shower as part of the virtual party games. You can host some interesting baby shower games and activities to keep everyone entertained.

  1. Tummy size: This can be one of the interesting games. As the name suggests, the tummy size of an expected mom can differ from one another. You can as you guests to guess the size and cut a ribbon accordingly. Select the winner with the nearest or the exact measurement. You can also give some prizes to the winner!
  2. Music and Dance: For any kind of celebration, music and dance are crucial elements to add fun and joy to the occasion. You can ask the guests available online to sing or dance or even express a few words for both mother and the expected child. No matter its virtual game, it will be very interesting.
  3. Name Suggestions- An expected parent become overwhelmed for being suggested the best for their children and especially if it’s their name. You can also ask your guests to suggest an interesting baby name within 10 seconds with your choice of the alphabet. This way you will be not only enjoying the fun activity but also you will get some amazing ideas to proceed with the naming ceremony!

We know that even though your guests won’t be arriving at your venue or you all may not be available in the same room for the celebration. But this does not make any sense that you skip decoration. Baby shower decorations are most as they make new parents feel somehow special. You can make it simple yet elegant, classy and sassy, or even exciting with colorful decoration items. Try adding some baby shower balloons along with a baby shower backdrop that can attract even your virtual guests.  You can get a baby shower banner in some glittery material to add a baby shower decoration on a budget.


No matter it is a virtual baby shower, add the gift revealing ceremony as well. Open every gift sent by your loved ones slowly with a countdown. Cheer the mom-to-be when she opens for a fun reveal!


Of course, a virtual baby shower can have a theme that has always been loved and part of planning any kind of baby shower. They look nice and are fun to bring several elements together to make your day special. You can set some color themes, your favorite era themes as well as vintage, traditional, or boho kind of theme. Go for the baby shower decorations according to the theme.


How about sticking to the plan of a perfect dress code for the special celebration? Won’t it be amazing when all your guests attend your virtual baby shower in a particular dress code? You can go for a color-coordinated dress code, some kind of dress code that goes well with the theme, traditional dress code, casual or even western!


No matter it is your virtual party to celebrate your baby shower, do not forget the cake! You can get an amazing baby shower cake topper to add perfection to the cake. Cut the cake in Infront of your guests so that everyone enjoys the cake cutting ritual too! Do not forget the baby shower table decoration as well!

Pour all your feelings, imagination, and creativity into a virtual baby shower to make it amazing and memorable! We believe that the above-given tips can become an unforgettable guide to help you with your baby shower arrangements!


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