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Before discussing more the topic take a look at the basics of the virtual card.

The virtual card is an online cash wallet with a specific amount of money loaded into it in advance which exists only on online platforms. But it is similar to the regular offline physical bank card which has card number, expiration date and CVV code.


total 315.1 billion dollars a year in commercial purchasing with virtual cards” by 2021.

Are you starting business in 2021 then you must upgrade your strategies  and tools,so having virtual cards tells that you are smart and have a good sense of updating technology over time.


Get your transaction secure and personalize and keep track of the way to pay things online.

Using virtual cards your team for marketing blogs can know what they are buying and what they really need from their desktop. Using these virtual cards is completely safe.

virtual cards
virtual credit cards

Here is to manage existing saas is the best service you will ever use.


  • It cannot be hacked and limited to the risk of fraud if it cannot be removed entirely.
  • Expense management is optimized since a limit can be set on the cards
  • the moment you pay the amount, it will expire, so it is a single-use card with the highest security
  • every spending is tracked from the main spend management platform
  • everything is that is approved been tracked digitally so that you will know who signed off and the reasons given
  • Recurring-use cards help you track active payments, and also provide an report on weekly, monthly, and annual spending

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