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Vlineperol The Expert Bartender

There are numerous professions in the world where a person can make their career and earn money with respect from society. If you go back just two centuries ago, people even didn’t know the word ‘career’, they just wanted to make bread for their family and some clothes to wear according to the weather but as the world has changed and capitalism has taken over, we’re in an unwilling race to satisfy those persons which we don’t even know.

We generally look for a career where we can find money mostly and with respect but we generally overlook the interest and passion because we look for safety first and that’s human nature since the beginning. There is no harm in that but some people nowadays want to challenge themselves and want to take risks and make a name for themselves by choosing their passion as a career.

Vlineperol is that name in the circle because of her dedication and perseverance, she has become this synonymous name to bartending in just a few years. She had this passion since her teenage years because of the influence of pop culture, she grew up in a neighbourhood where people weren’t good in their lives because of the work culture. She decided that day to become a bartender or anyone but won’t come to this neighbourhood again.

In this article, we’ll try to know more about her and her life, why she chose this career and some interesting facts. So Stay Tuned to the end. 

Who is Vlineperol?

Vlineperol’s real name is Aline Tongkhuya, she changed it after coming into the arena of bartending because she wanted a name that could resonate with her personality and the world of bartending. She grew up in the very small town of Fresno, CA and her family was so fascinated with beverages and drinks and used to make fine cuisines which had a great impact on little Vlineperol and that’s how she started a deep interest in mixology.

Who is Vlineperol

Her studies were impacted a bit when she used to intern for bartending without informing anyone. She wanted to keep this a secret until something big didn’t come up to her but her family was fully supportive of her choice of career. 

Vlineperol Career in Bartending

Vlineperol started her career as a barback meaning assistant to the bartender, she used to do many things at that time from refilling the drinks to cleaning the bar area, By doing all of this, she learned much more as compared to her studies and she quickly gaining the trust and attention of some of the regular consumers.

Vlineperol Career in Bartending

She had mastered the basics in a quick time and learned the deep aspects of mixology very well but her journey wasn’t this fruitful at all. She faced many challenges in this journey because bartending isn’t just a job, instead, it has become an art form and the spotlight takes only that person who dedicates themselves fully and she has done that.

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Abilities and Talent

Vlineperol has a special talent for cocktails and has expertise in mixing flavours to make new drinks that aren’t just delicious but make you high to a certain point that you haven’t experienced before. The customers just love every drink of hers and that has grown his fame to other bars and clubs and people started coming just for her mixed drinks.

The business she has pulled off for her club is just magnificent in the numbers because it’s just any random person making those drinks. She has received many accolades and awards and got the tag of ‘Master Mixologist’. Her ability to make contemporary mixed drinks that are so rare and you won’t find it in every roadside bar or club makes her a rare talent. 

Vlineperol Social Media

Vlineperol has accounts on different social media apps where she posts about her life and work. She has 3,255 followers on Instagram by username @vlineperol and she has done 76 posts as of February 2024. She has written a bar manager with modernist Fresno as her career and she came in under 40 in patron perfectionists 2023 USA. She also came in the top 3 in AOI 2023 USA at ITALICUS Rosolio di Bergamotto and she was the winner of tanteo tequila MSO west region in 2022.

She has contributed to the emergency relief aid fund for Gaza victims, she has listed a link in her insta bio if you want to contribute and her fans. She posted some bikini pictures of her on Instagram when she was in Austin, Texas. She has an alternate name for herself when she is visiting somewhere or wants to hide her identity as Vlineperol alinelxurene.

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Vlineperol Hobby and Other Interests

She has different kinds of hobbies and interests other than bartending where she spends some quality free time or when she gets bored. She loves painting and drawing and to excel, she has gained colour theory skills and made her expertise in textures, forms, and space over the years.

She has a great interest in Pottery and Ceramics because she used to play with clay toys and she has learned the skill to manipulate the malleable materials and how to brand the finishing products. She has an interest in Graphic design too where she has gained skills for layout fundamentals, typography and how to use digital tools. 


Vlineperol is such a sweet and gentle girl who graduated from California State University in graphic design but couldn’t be able to find a job in that so she ventured into bartending for some time to pay her bills. But she got interested later and made a career out of that.

She has more than 2 million followers on TikTok and more than 500k on YouTube which shows her popularity among the people and why she is called Master mIxologist because of her deep knowledge of cocktails. She has named her cocktails Fresno Mule and Spicy Margarita which have bright peppery, subtly spicy and smoky, tangy citrus, and slow-building heat flavour respectively.

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