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Volunteer Screening

Every event that your nonprofit organizes is special and has to be successful. Is it possible without building a team of efficient volunteers? Certainly not! That’s why your screening process has to be advanced. Moreover, it must let you identify the right candidates for your organization.

The volunteer screening process has to be well-planned. So, you must understand how to plan each stage so that you only hire the most efficient candidates. But how do you prepare a robust screening process? Well, to find your answers you need to continue reading the article. 

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How to Craft an Effective Screening Process: Some Useful Tips

  • Mention Clear Volunteer Roles:

Each organization has to share a hiring alert to grab the attention of potential candidates. This stage may seem simple but is a crucial part of the process. Why? It’s not just about discussing the roles that a volunteer would be playing each day. Rather it’s your chance to share your mission and expectations from your team. So, mention the roles of each candidate in detail and in clear language. This ensures that only those candidates would apply whose skill sets match your requirements. 

  • Craft a Comprehensive Volunteer Application:

Each candidate would express their interest in working through an application form. Therefore, you need to rely on an appropriate application form. In easy terms, let all the candidates share their personal and professional details through it. Moreover, it’s a perfect initial screening tool. Why? Just by taking a simple look at the forms you can get valuable information about your volunteers. So, check the candidate’s suitability through a comprehensive application form. 

  • Choose a Volunteer Platform:

Taking the help of software and tools helps simplify the whole screening process. That’s why you must make a smart move by choosing an advanced volunteer management platform. Yes, it helps you manage your volunteers and events effectively. However, it has features that you can utilize for screening. Moreover, it’s useful enough to collect and share application forms. Also, it helps you store the details of the volunteers in a streamlined way. Thus, you can go through their profiles without facing any confusion before the interview. 

  • Personalized Interview: 

Knowing each candidate well is important and that’s why you must conduct personalized interviews. This is a smart step to analyze their communication skills and to understand their values. But keep in mind that you need to prepare questions that are appropriate for each candidate. Moreover, ask questions to verify if their core values align with yours. 

  • Background Checking

This is a crucial part of the entire screening process. After all, this ensures that you’re prioritizing safety and also verifying their credibility. Moreover, you will have to conduct a thorough background-checking process. This enables you to verify their criminal records, references, and also relevant experiences. While conducting the background verification you must also contact the references that the candidate shares. Send your queries through emails to get details about the candidates.

  • Mention Minimum Requirements: 

Even the freshers come with great potential. But for certain roles, you need experienced candidates. That’s why the minimum requirements must be mentioned clearly. For instance, mention minimum skills, qualifications, or years of experience. This simplifies the whole recruitment process as the applicants also will understand your requirements. Moreover, you can also mention the minimum requirement of their availability. 

  • Skill Assessments

Volunteers must possess soft skills to work for others. That’s why, you must conduct a skill assessment for all the applicants. What should this assessment process include? You can evaluate their teamwork efforts, communication skills, and also adaptability. Onboard candidates who are empathetic and helpful. All of your events are, after all, about supporting others, and that requires some amazing people on the team. 

  • Review Social Media Profiles: 

Most of us maintain social media profiles to share our daily activities. Therefore, don’t miss the chance to know your applicants well through their social media profiles. So, at the time of preparing the application forms, keep a section where the applicants can share the links to their profiles. Moreover, you can also check the details of their activities and work by going through those profiles. Make your final decision based on what you see in their profiles.


Volunteers play a vital role in taking your organization to a new height. That’s why hiring the best talent is necessary for conducting all your events effectively. That’s why, rely on a hiring method that’s transparent and also advanced. So, keep in mind the tips that we have shared here for your benefit. Each point mentioned here will help you know your requirements and identify the right candidates. Above all, you’ll be able to build a team that’s not just efficient but also includes empaths. Above all, consider taking the help of advanced technology to enjoy the smoothness of volunteer recruitment. 


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