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It is a smart decision to switch from shared hosting to virtual private server when the traffic levels surge. However, not all VPS providers are equal. A lot of factors make them different and choosing the best VPS hosting UK should take some time. This article is all about two of the best VPS windows hosting providers. 


There are technical specifications of each VPS company. Some use Windows operating systems and some Linux. Then there are different virtualization types. 


Two Best VPS Hosting UK Providers 

Hundreds of companies out there in the market are providing VPS hosting services. We have mentioned two best VPS Hosting UK brands that feature impeccable support, rocket fast speed, solid security and thousands of beginner-friendly features. Also, both of them will provide you with a windows operating system. 


  • The Email Shop – Best VPS Hosting UK

The core focus of TheEmailShop is your business. It has to survive and thrive in a challenging landscape. Therefore, the performance of your applications and websites should be top-notch. To help you achieve the goal, we provide industry-standard solid-state drives. 

Rocket Fast Speed

The SSD servers give an unimaginable boost to your website and multiply both performance and speed. Their engineers bring you the highly-tuned servers with blazing fast speeds and complete redundancy. All of this results in maximum performance at affordable budgets. 


Intuitive & Robust cPanel Integrated 

TheEmailShop makes professional management possible with its excellent cPanel. You can access the services with easy to use cPanel. It is equally accessible and user-friendly for end-users and admins. The comprehensive and intelligent tool allows website management from many different angles.  


The Quick Launch

With TheEmailShop, you can launch everything quickly without facing a painful waiting time. In addition, the system makes upgrading and daily maintenance convenient. The experienced staff has designed everything in accordance with the industry standard. 


Outclass Performance

Our Virtual Private Servers guarantee up-to-the-mark monitoring. Everything like server tools and configuration requires nothing more than a single click. Clever anti-spam methods empower VPS management to save your time. The performance level is precisely what enterprise-class applications need. 


Incredible Managed 24×7 Support: Enhanced Security 

Managed support is an essential part of every pricing plan. The support is comprehensive enough to be available 24*7 and on more than one channel. You can contact them on the phone, reach out on the live chat, or utilize the support ticket.


Moreover, security is also the job description of the support team. It is not just limited to patching the system. 


Impeccable Hardware Solutions: Latest Technology

A lot of super features add up to provide you with high-quality VPS and make TheEmailShop best VPS hosting:

  • Intel Xeon Processors
  • High-speed DDR4 Memory
  • Enterprise-class SSD drives
  • High-performance RAID controllers


  • Grid Hosting 

Grid Hosting provides two different windows VPS solutions. Let us review both products of this great Windows hosting UK one by one. 


  • Grid Hosting VPS SSD

Fast Speed: Outclass Performance

Grid Hosting brings fantastic VPS solutions with a robust memory drive, known as Solid State Drive. The industry standard SSD with magically high speed makes everything easy to manage. In addition, there is complete authority to use the operating system you like. 


Grid Hosting ensures exceptionally high performance with its fine servers. You do not need more than a few clicks for all configurations and software installations. 


Smooth Functioning: Integrated cPanel

The pre-installed cPanel provides comprehensive and effortless management of your website. 


Save Your Precious Time: Quick Servers

Grid Hosting understands the importance of time and lets you launch your VPS server quickly without compromising any industry standard. 


Save Your Precious Data: VPS Backups

Data loss can result in heavy financial loss. That is why Grid Hosting experts ensure daily backups to an off-site location. It leads to the best management of emergencies.  

Upgrade Whenever Needed

Scale your servers quickly according to business scenarios, whenever you want. Moreover, the convenient scaling also ensures no downtime. 


Resilient and Secure Windows Hosting UK

Resilience and security are critical qualities of servers. Grid Hosting’s UK VPS SSD servers perform way better than standalone servers used at the traditional level. Secure data centres with reliable power supply work beneath that. 


Maximum Storage: Unlimited Bandwidth

If you need additional space, Grid Hosting still has your back. They supply extra storage solutions, as well as unlimited bandwidth.  


  • Grid Hosting-VPS Public Cloud

Flexible Cloud: Flawless Solutions

Does resource sharing offend you? Try VPS Public Cloud for dedicated CPU and RAM, which feature remarkable resilience. You get dedicated resources, but you cannot go over the allowed limit. The high availability of the public cloud lets you host your websites virtually and benefit from the performance level you want. 

Uptime Guarantees

99.9% uptime guarantee keeps your website up all the time. A good uptime guarantee that stems from maximum network redundancy also ensures overall good conditions. 


Good and Reliable Support

In case of any query, you can directly access the impeccable support of Grid Hosting’s public cloud solution. It is available on live chat, support tickets, phone calls and email. They also have prepared an extensive knowledge base online for your help.  

High-end Cloud Servers

Get a perfect match for your hosting needs as an all-in-one solution. Enjoy state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure along with our high-end VPS servers. 

DDoS protection

The first concern when going for a public cloud is the possibility of a DDoS attack. Unfortunately, public cloud solutions are the victims of such attacks most of the time. That is why Grid Hosting confirms multi-layer protection to ensure solid security and outstanding reliability. 


Full Backup

A lightweight backup software is available for assistance. Our VPS public cloud will utilize it whenever you need the backup of your databases or files and keep copies for uncertain scenarios. 


Complete root access: Good Control

Meet your corporate customization needs quickly. Grid Hosting lets you have complete root admin access. In addition, the self-intuitive design of cPanel makes things further manageable. 


Enjoy full access to the automated backend activities that open several opportunities for you. For example, you can control IP management and conduct server reboots. You can even manage DNS and billing. Reasonable control lets you invest more time in core business operations.


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