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This handheld paint sprayer doesn’t need an air blower and can do both huge and little paint projects with similar proficiency. It has numerous highlights that make it ideal for individual paint projects. We Show all the Wagner Flexio 590 Review. It is not difficult to utilize, reasonably evaluated, simple to clean, and it can deal with most of the paint materials without any adjustments or diminishing required. 

Audit Summary of Wagner Flexio 590 

This is an individual utilize handheld paint shower that is ideal for both indoor and open-air projects. It is a corded sprayer and plugs into a standard 120-volt power source. It is fit for showering the paint at a high pressing factor so you can splash paints that are typically needed to be weakened in other paint sprayers. You can utilize it to apply 2 of every one paint mixes, similar to paint with the preliminary effectively in it. 

Wagner Flexio 590 Specifications: 

  • Measurements: 15.9″ x 6.7″ x 13.9″ 
  • Weight: 2.11 pounds 
  • Force Source: 120 Volt 
  • Type: Handheld 
  • Significant Features of Wagner Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer 

Width Selector 

At the point when you paint around your home you in some cases need to paint dividers and enormous regions like roofs or the outside siding. At the point when you need to paint these enormous territories, you need to turn the width selector to a wide setting so you can paint a bigger region in a more limited measure of time. 

In some cases, you are painting trim and furniture with slender pieces and you don’t need a wide setting. You can choose the limited width setting and you can undoubtedly do this point-by-point sort of painting. 

Variable Speed Turbine 

The variable speed turbine makes it workable for you to shower un-diminished paints. You can likewise shower groundwork, blended paints that are mixes of preliminary and paint, stain, stain, and most other work of art materials including latex and lacquer paint. 

The variable speed turbine can furnish you with a sluggish flying corps that permits you to acetone materials like stains without causing dribbles and runs. At the point when you need to paint those thicker paints, groundworks, and coatings you need fast constraining more air through the hose. This turbine successfully furnishes you with the pneumatic stress you need to do the current task. 

This turbine is additionally the motivation behind why you don’t need to interface this instrument to an air blower to make it work. The turbine accomplishes crafted by an inward air blower and dispenses with the requirement for an outside blower. 


This Wagner paint sprayer has the ability to splash straightforwardly from the maker’s paint holder, however, it likewise has a one-quart paint cup that can be joined and utilized whenever you need to paint a more modest undertaking. 

Recommended Uses 

This paint sprayer is recommended for individual utilization. That essentially implies that it is evaluated more for mortgage holders than for proficient painters. You can utilize this sprayer to paint either inside undertakings or outside projects. It is equipped for showering paints that have not been diminished so it makes ideal inclusion in fewer covers. 

On external tasks for decks, sidings, and walls you have the shower spout and the wide width selector that permit you to apply more paint to bigger regions all at once. You can complete your showering in a short measure of time.

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