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Coffee Beans

I’ll admit I have, on more than one occasion, pretended to still be sleeping while the hubby got up and washed his face before heading downstairs, not because I wasn’t ready to get out of bed, but more so that he could begin the morning cups of coffee.

While the actual grinding of the beans is not as pleasant a sound first thing when you open your eyes, and which is why I am grateful he does them mostly during the day when the hustle and bustle of the kids and their activities are in full swing to drown out the sound, what comes next is magical.

I don’t know how it happens, but as the boiling water seeps through the compressed ground coffee into the heated cup it lets out an indescribable aroma. This then wafts up to the bedroom as if whispering for me to wake up, and the smell alone is enough to set you up for a great day ahead. There is something magical about a humble seed, turned roasted bean, turned espresso that makes everything seem ok.

Why the need for coffee?

If you fall into the majority category in which you wake up tired from not nearly enough sleep after burning the midnight oil trying to catch up on work before deadlines the next day, then you will argue without a doubt that a cup of coffee first thing as soon as possible in the morning is a must.

But recently, studies have shown that there is a new shift in the morning coffee commute in that it is now migrating to a later time to essentially eliminate the increase in anxiety we may not know we are feeling due to getting ready for work in a rush, and make breakfast, and put something into lunch boxes for the kids before they head out the door.

Read a very interesting article that gives you a better understanding of the other side of this conversation and if it could be onto something, who knows, a mid-morning coffee might just be the change you need in your routine to shake things up.

It is no secret that the caffeine component in the fresh brew gives you that mental and physical stimulation you seek when trying to rub the sleep from your eyes, it helps to wear down the fatigue and increase alertness as you ready yourself for the day ahead.

Coffee Beans

The advantages of drinking a creamy cup of java.

There are many reasons why coffee is recommended and good for you, at least once a day, and if you are an avid coffee sipper then this is a great read to share with friends and family who are yet to enjoy the wonders of a roasted coffee bean.

  • Odor. You may not think it or realize even that the pastrami and gherkin toasty you had for lunch with garlic mayo has been sneakily disguised by the smell of coffee that you made for yourself before heading back into the office back from lunch. Coffee is a great odor disguiser if you don’t have a mint or your toothbrush handy.
  • Antidepressant. Caffeine has been proven to increase the chemicals produced in the brain responsible for a happier mood. Thus, there is less chance of an angry outburst at work if you have had your daily cuppa, and why many employers insist on and take care to offer a great coffee station in the canteen or tea room.
  • This is one ailment I would gladly never want to experience again if I could, but alas we do wake up with a throbbing head from time to time. A quick, stronger than usual, coffee can thin the blood vessels in the head and significantly reduce the pulsing, and you’ll be on your way before you know it.

All you need to do is find the right blend and brand of coffee to please your taste buds (check out for a tried, tested, and raved about version) and your work colleagues will soon be asking what you’ve been drinking or getting every morning that is making you walk into work with the confidence like you own the place.

And who knows, that day may come sooner rather than later.

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