Thu. Jun 13th, 2024
Fit for Room Size

Wall-mounted TVs save living space and enhance aesthetics. Let’s explore criteria for selecting the most suitable wall-mounted TV for your home space!

1. Fit for Room Size

To find the perfect wall-mounted TV, start by considering and selecting one that fits well within the room size. Choose a TV size that suits the space, allowing you to watch your favorite programs comfortably from anywhere in the room.

For example, for relatively small to medium-sized rooms with widths ranging from 3 to 4 meters and lengths of around 5 meters like bedrooms or dining areas, opt for a TV sized 40 inches or larger.

2. Select Flat-Screen TVs with Optimal Slimness

When mounting a flat-screen TV, it ensures better aesthetics and sturdiness compared to curved screen TVs. Given the minimal distance between the wall and the TV, sleek and convenient flat screens are preferred for wall-mounting.

Moreover, thin flat-screen TVs enhance the aesthetic and sophistication of your living space, providing users an experience akin to a moving painting mounted on the wall.

Sony Tivi 55 inch will be the right choice if you are looking for a wall-mounted TV

3. Harmonious Design with House Walls

Choose a TV color that complements the lines and tones of your house walls to create harmony and aesthetic appeal. Additionally, consider getting a TV wall mount shelf to add elegance and balance to the room.

Depending on your home’s design, choose TV models and sizes that blend with your space, ensuring a balanced and aesthetically pleasing integration with other furniture.

You should prioritize choosing a TV with a thin screen, because a thin TV will create a more trendy and sophisticated space.

4. The TV comes with a Soundbar speaker system

Because when the TV is mounted on the wall, it will emit sound to the floor and then transmit the sound around. That’s why sometimes the sound of the TV is not good, so many manufacturers have used a Soundbar speaker system with the TV.

Some Smart TV lines are integrated and come with a Soundbar system such as tivi LG OLED to help users experience a quality surround sound system.

5. Should buy a TV with large speaker capacity or a speaker system in the front

When hanging a TV on the wall, the sound on the TV will definitely bounce off the floor and then reach your ears, so it can make your listening to music not seamless while watching TV.

Therefore, if you buy a wall-mounted TV, you should buy a TV designed with a front speaker system or a TV with a large speaker capacity of over 50W.

Above are the criteria for choosing a wall-mounted TV. Hopefully through this article you can make the best choice for your family. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment below for a quick answer!

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