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Want to find the perfect room for rent in Seattle

Skyline of Seattle, Washington. Image Source: Unsplash

Seattle, the largest city in the state of Washington, is located in the Pacific Northwest and is surrounded by lakes, forests, mountains, and thousands and thousands of acres of land. It is a home to major tech companies like Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Seattle is a hub of numerous activities and places to visit, which makes it a great place to move to. 

Here’s how to find your perfect room in Seattle 


  • Myth Buster – It Doesn’t Rain as Much 


A common myth that lingers around the place is that it rains A LOT in Seattle. There’s an abundance of T.V. shows that portray Seattle as a city that’s always covered with dark and gloomy clouds. While in reality, Seattle has a different story all over. This may be a significant deterrent for anyone looking for rooms for rent in Seattle. While yes, it does rain a bit; it’s not as bad as it is portrayed in both media and from word of mouth. There are cities like Chicago and New York that receive far more rainfall than Seattle. This rainfall adds to the city’s beauty to a great extent and only enhances the city’s desirability. A little shower of a hot sunny day might be the revitalization that you may need. 

  • Lots of Green

The residents of Jet City love their greenery. The city is covered with parks and green spaces. Moving here may be a great idea and would be a great change of pace from most other major cities. A few parks that you may want to visit are – 

  1. Kerry Park 
  2. Volunteer Park 
  3. Washington Park Arboretum 
  4. Green Lake Park 
  5. Gas Works Park 

Of course, the parks have a runner’s path, and the fitness enthusiasts can have their daily jog or walk while still enjoying the beauty of nature. These green spaces make for great locations for a first date, and it’s a very common sight to see. 

  • Nation’s Tech Capital 

Most of the major tech companies have their headquarters located in the city of Seattle. If you are looking for rooms for rent in Seattle as a result of moving for college or work, the opportunities in the tech industries are enormous. Amazon has its headquarters, and a majority of the city has some job or the other in this MNC. 

Recent additions are: 

  1. Adobe 
  2. Dropbox
  3. Google 
  4. Apple
  5. Facebook, etc. 

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  • Fastest Growing City

You will never be the only new guy/girl in a room in this city. There are thousands of new people moving to this city, and the rate of growth is astronomical. Seattle was ranked as the second fastest-growing city in the U.S. The many cranes lining the city’s skyline has earned it the nickname “The crane capital of the U.S.”

With this significant growth, there will be a ton of new opportunities being created every day, and hence no matter what career path you may choose, you have a lot of different options in Seattle. 

  • Relatively low cost of living

Compared to most of the other major cities, Seattle has a relatively low cost of living. This can be attributed to the fact that it is still growing and hasn’t reached its peak yet. However, this makes it an excellent option for a college student or an early career professional. Having a low cost of living and not so low income can help set you up for the future in terms of savings. If you choose to live in rooms for rent in Seattle, that cost of living goes down even further than if you had a house of your own. 

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  • Bad traffic 

Although Seattle isn’t very similar to most major cities in the U.S. in most aspects, it for sure has one thing in common – The tedious traffic. Choosing to travel around the city in public transportation may be a smart choice if you don’t want to wait in traffic on your own. Having rooms for rent in Seattle near your place of work or university can help reduce the time you spend on travel and the cost as well. 

Seattle as a city is very well rounded and is a great place for the youth and those looking to change up their current situation. It has a little something for everyone right from the museums for the art or history enthusiasts to the many parks for those who wish to experience nature. There is, of course, the hustle and bustle of a large city without the high cost. 

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