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The new cryptocurrency Helium (HNT) is becoming more and more desired and thanks to a new innovative method for creating a unique network infrastructure, users will be able to earn currency without lifting a finger.

The search for new means to undermine cryptocurrency never ceases to amaze, a world in constant change and expansion, as we have recently seen with the supply problems of graphics cards, purchased in bulk to power mining, thanks to the excellent guaranteed Hashrate from Nvidia’s new 3000 series. But today we are talking about an innovative new method to mine Helium (HNT): it is a new cryptocurrency that Hotspot owners earn to provide and validate Wireless coverage on their territory or when wireless devices connect to the internet through hotspots themselves.

A new crypto, easy and almost at no cost

The People’s Network is based on a completely new incentive model, made possible by the Helium blockchain, as a payment for the maintenance of a hotspot capable of guaranteeing absolute coverage in all circumstances. The advantage is to be able to allow the connection of devices and the collection of data in completely new ways at a lower cost than that of a smartphone and above all without the need to implement and maintain its own wireless infrastructure.

The distribution of HNT among users who consent to the installation of one of these modems changes over time: initially the quota guaranteed to users is greater, but over time, as the network expands (as has already happened in United States), could even increase thanks to the greater interconnection created in the area. After 20 years, however, the distribution of HNT stops, remaining at a fixed value, with no more adjustments.

How to mine HNT

The user will only have to buy one of the hotspots officially supported by the network, connect it to the power supply and then to the internet, to allow him to carry out his work in total autonomy. We recommend Pisces P100 Miner and here, you can find Pisces P100 Miner for sale.

The cost and consumption of electricity is negligible, with a consumption of about 5W. The consumption in terms of data is minimal, since the Hotspot does not absorb data from our network to share them externally, but connects exclusively to monitor the action of other devices and little else. There are different levels of earnings, especially depending on the level of coverage and interconnection in the area. Here are the main ones:

–  Challengers: 0.9% Hotspot owners are chosen by the network to send Challenges, ie encrypted messages, over the Internet to a target group of Hotspots. Challenges are used by Proof-of-Coverage to validate wireless coverage.

–  Proof-of-Coverage: 5.02% Hotspots earn a HNT share for participating in Proof-of-Coverage and validating their peers’ wireless coverage. The amount earned depends on the frequency with which the Hotspot is directly involved in Proof-of-Coverage activities.

– Testimonials: 20.08% The Hotspots that monitor and report the Proof-of-Coverage activity of other Hotspots receive a share of HNT depending on the activity they witnessed.

– Network Data Transfer: 35% HNTs are distributed to Hotspots that have transferred data from devices on the network. The amount of HNT is divided proportionally based on the amount of data transferred from a Hotspot.

There are many news about it, with a value that has increased a lot over the last few months: if you would like more information, you can go to the official website for more information about it.

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