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If you have been a fan of sitcoms, then you must have heard about Bob’s Burgers. It was an American television sitcom in the form of animation where Bob ran the restaurant of his dream with the help of his family members to hold the family together. 

It eventually became one of the most loved comedy shows of all time. Significantly, the kind of animation the series portrayed became very famous. And to keep the tradition going, Happy Tooned came up with the idea of making your special days a bit more special for you. 

Happy Tooned has introduced Bob’s Burgers gift ideas such as making Bob’s Burgers Portrait, Bob’s Burgers Custom Art, or Bob’s Burgers Personalized Art of your family, friends, spouses, or relatives as the characters of Bob’s Burgers. Choose your favourite character, and they will draw for you. 

And the fantastic thing is that you can also gift Bob’s Burgers gift ideas to the Bob Burger Fan in your life.

So, haven’t you got tired of knocking your brain over time to think about giving a warm and cozy gift to your Bob Burger’s fan? How astonishing it will be to give a gift, isn’t it? 

So, Bob’s Burgers are here for you with excellent gift ideas for Weddings, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Graduation, Christmas, Halloween, parties, even for fans, or any other occasion or celebration.

About the Gift

The Bob’s Burgers portrait is a custom-made digital portrait drawn from the photos given to you. It is made with the help of a digital art pen and tablet.

The artists who make such portraits try to make them in such a way as to make them unique and memorable simultaneously. 

How to Place Order for the Portrait

This guide will help you to help place an order to create your one-of-a-kind Bob’s Burger Picture of you.

  • Pick Your Character

Before making the portrait, you must choose a character you think will suit you the most. You will have various choices to select from. 

You can get sketched as your favourite cartoon!

  • Choose the Number of Characters to be in the Portrait

For instance, if you present this portrait to your fan, you can add yourself to the picture, thus making the number of characters one. 

Just like that, you can choose the number of characters to be placed in the portrait as much as you want. 

Feel free to add everyone in the portrait you want, be it your family, friends, or even your pets.

  • Time for Background Selection

Now, it’s time to choose an appropriate background after selecting the characters and their range. The type of background will depend on the person or occasion you want to gift. 

You can choose from the given background templates or can also request a personalized background. 

Don’t hesitate to mention your requests. Our artists will try their best to make it come true. Describe your ideas patiently!

  • Select the Size of the Poster

After choosing all the necessities, finally select the size of the portrait. Getting the portrait framed will help your loved ones display it and keep it safe.

  • Uploading Photos

After choosing the entire outline for your portrait, upload the photos that you would like to be used by us for your gift. 

You can upload up to eight images.

Try to upload a better-quality picture to make the work easy for us. 

  • Put Your Order

It’s time to demand the item!

Click Add on Cart, and your order will be placed.

Here is the link to Bob’s Burgers Portrait.

Wrap Up

Bob’s Burgers tries to make animated illustrations of their customers per their preferences. So, if you want to give a custom-made fan gift to your loving fan this year, then why wait for it?

Visit Bob’s Burgers Custom Portrait website and take your pick! Don’t forget to provide as many details as possible to take the finest out of it.

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