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Body In Shape

If you travel to an Asian country, whether it’s Thailand, China or Taiwan, you’ll see that most people are very slim. Why? Asians’ lifestyle consists of lower-calorie foods, smaller-sized meals, and frequent activity.  A traditional Asian diet plan is known for keeping one from degenerative diseases such as heart problems, cancer as it provides a healthy way to live and nourishes the body. The diet banks on plant-based food items that are highly fibrous and nutritious. However, Asians have come up with ways to keep their bodies in shape other than having a strict diet plan. These include;


Across Thailand, you’ll find a variety of routes and trails as the country is a popular destination for cyclists. The country has a wide variety of cycle routes for all levels on all sorts of terrain. The areas have beautiful scenery and there are cycling clubs across the country. The cycling routes are for both leisure and commuting.

Body jet liposuction

For the removal of stubborn fat cells, body jet liposuction is one of the recent liposuction advances that is developing into one of the most promising liposuction techniques. The procedure is now most sought after by a majority of Asians as very little tumescent liquid is used to break up the fatty cells and tissues. The tumescent liquid is used to break up the fatty cells, decrease blood loss, and numb the treatment area. The procedure has a shorter surgery time and the danger of damaging the surrounding cells and tissues in the treatment area is minimized. The procedure allows men and women to enjoy the body shape they always wanted.

Practicing Muay Thai

It’s a combat sport that one gets to learn about tactics of self-defense. It is an incredible workout, that keeps Thais in their best physical shape. Regular training of this will certainly help you develop your cardiovascular conditioning. It is one of the most grueling workouts that will certainly get you in shape within a matter of weeks. If you practice Muay Thai long enough you’ll be a lot leaner and more trim and eventually you’ll be inevitably blessed with a beautifully sculpted figure. The exercise trims your abdominal area to give you a flat stomach, tones your legs and arms and tightens your skin giving you the appearance of a well-conditioned athlete. The sheer amount of kicks and punches that you’ll execute daily will guarantee body-sculpting effects and wonderful weight loss. It is an intense full-body workout that Thais spend significant time doing to keep their bodies in shape. 

Practicing Tai Chi

Though the exercise is practiced largely in China, Thais have now embraced this slow and gentle exercise to keep their bodies in shape. Tai chi addresses key components of fitness such as flexibility, muscle strength, balance, and some aerobic conditioning. The exercise puts minimal stress on joints and muscles, therefore, it is safe for all ages and fitness levels. The main aim of this exercise is to strengthen the upper body even though you aren’t working with resistance bands or weights.

Their lifestyle

If you travel to Asian countries be it Thailand, China, Korea, there is a common observation that a lot of people make is that Asians often have a slim physique. Many Asians are so slim because their lifestyle consists of lower-calorie foods, smaller-sized meals, and frequent walking as their main form of transportation. They keep their body moving throughout the day and they stay hydrated. This has helped them keep their body shape intact as they make overall health and wellness a priority.

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