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Ways of Donating a Pet

Pet donation, methods of donating, ways of donating, animal rescuing, problems faced by strays and caused by them, adoption are some crucial problems every animal rescuer will face.

The coronavirus made us get locked inside our homes, our home-grown pets are well-secure and safe. However, there are other stray animals without food and shelter. Animals are by far the poorest things that have been affected by this pandemic.

Why does a pet donation matter?

As humans, we love our pets. We love owning a high-class dog, cat, rabbit, tortoise, or any animal for a matter of fact. But there are thousands of shelter-less animals starved to death in the streets.

Animal shelters are mostly funded by government and public donations. Rescuing the strays needs lots of economical substitutes. Animal shelters have all the hard work from rescuing the strays to caring for them. Anyone who loves animals should consider donating to their local shelter.

Pet donation means not only donating money but also other needs to the pets. There are approximately 5,000 animal shelters operating worldwide. The cost of animal care is less than grocery shopping, if adoption is not an option, a donation will have the same significant impact on the lives of these animals.

Every donation makes the funds available for animals in need. Even a small help makes a great difference. The cost of veterinary care tends to rise rapidly, medical funding is very much needed right now. Pet donation helps in keeping pets out of starvation.

Pet donation methods:

There are many ways to donate to the pet fund:

  1. Single donation: Making donations individually to the pet funds are completely tax-deductible.
  2. Named donation: To honor the memory of our loved ones, named donations are the best gift given to them.
  3. Sponsorship: sponsoring for some timeperiod gives more benefits to the donator and the shelters.
  4. Monthly donations: Donations or other things can be given monthly. It will be like gifting the needs on a monthly basis.

Ways of donating:

There are many ways to donate to the animals. We can donate to our local pet shelter or donate online to any pet shelter across the world.  We can buy stuff from pet stores that involve donating to the animals.

If you are not sure which pet shelter to donate to, there is a blue cross that helps by giving the lists of options available for donation.

Animal rescuing:

As citizens of our country, we also should be equally passionate about the welfare of strays and abandoned pets and should do our bit to safeguard these animals by volunteering, adopting, and donating. As animal lovers, many are looking to help but are unaware of the ways available.

One of the common ways people choose to assist is by donating to shelters and charities. A small donation financially can make a major difference in these animal’s lives. Donation to pets provides stabilized assistance through medically and economically.

And donating from our own money is not the only way, we can simply start a fundraising campaign, volunteer in charity events, reaching out to small business owners and corporations.

Problems faced by strays:

The best help in animal rescuing is animal sheltering. On a daily note stray animals suffer for food and water. By donating or providing for them also plays a major role in rescuing the strays.

As cities modernize, providing the basic necessities for the strays is rapidly decreasing on the fear of animal biting and other related diseases spread by them.

Problems caused by strays:

In today’s busy schedule even the pet shelters can’t ensure neutering or vaccinating for all the available strays out there. As the neutering is done only for fewer strays there are high chances of dogs developing various diseases as they multiply daily in hundreds.

With this many problems, it is not advisable for the commoners to provide shelter or food to the strays. But to help the professionals to take care of the strays each individual is advised to donate to the organizations and other campaigns.


There are many stray animals in India that need love, care, food, and shelter. It is impossible for animal shelters and NGOs to provide shelter and care for all the animals. If each person were to adopt one stray animal then the number of homeless animals will become zero.

There are many unwell, injured strays. There are many abandoned pets and strays as well that need help every year. If this has to stop then every individual should take a small initiative by donating, adopting, volunteering, fundraising, etc.

Every step can put an end to stray death from starvation, other diseases, and animal abuse. It is also considered “The new cool” quoted by Deepa Lakshmin from national geographic. So let’s make a different life for the strays.



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