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Ways to Add Fun to Your Routine

At last, you’ve found the right way how to get a government job, that suits your qualification, ambition, interests, and successfully landed it! It’s time to relax and be happy now, but from time to time for some reason, you fail to smile, and being fun takes you a great effort. You can continue blaming colleagues, bigwigs, the long days of work, and being worn-out. But switching on your good part is more effective. Absolutely everyone can be interesting. Let’s learn how to add fun to your routine, what features you should get rid of, and what skills you need to develop.

The Signals You Are Boring

Some things hold people off, making them shun bores. Multiple studies on psychology have approved that boring people are accepted worse by others. They get judged more harshly, liked less, assumed to be unpopular than those regarded as interesting ones. Look at the list of classic negative traits described by researchers and try to get rid of the boring ways of your behavior:

  1. The seriousness, gloom, and rarely smiling.
  2. Negative egocentrism, complaining, self-preoccupation.
  3. Banality, predictability, repeating shaggy-dog stories or jokes.
  4. Low affectivity, speaking in a monotone, avoiding eye contact. 
  5. Tediousness, passivity, behaving in an inexpressive way.
  6. Ingratiation to impress, inability to make lough, low feeling-into the company.

What Makes Interesting People Different

Not everyone can stop being boring by inherently doing more fun. Upbringing and the ability to learn from others are the important factors that add to relaxedness, empathy, and good nature. The good news is that you can learn from others at any age. It’s not about imitating, here are the key takeaways about the different ways of behavior and cognitive flexibility inheritance.

  1. People who are regarded as interesting talk less about themselves and disclose more of their inner world, thoughts, feelings, and attitude than boring people do. 
  2. Unlike the boring ones, interesting people contribute more information than emotions to the conversation.
  3. A meaningful dialogue contains no “empty words” and things that don’t mean much by contrast with boring talks, where there is nothing except “uh-huh” to show agreement.
  4. Interesting people are cheerful and can maintain an air of positivity, drawing others closer with their warmth.

Tips on Adding Fun into Your Life 

Thankfully, you can be more fun around and develop charisma in yourself to get more admiring glances from friends and colleagues. Remember that the good conversationalists needn’t find the right answer, they just let the other one use the opportunity to feed off of their words. Captivating conversations often resemble a ping-pong session, where the game ends after you don’t throw that ball back. There are several simple rules to follow, getting into the world of socializing. All you need is to research, study, and practice.

Develop Your Wit

Sharpening your wit and being quicker in your conversations is the shortest way to improve your social skills, self-confidence, and ability to connect with someone.  Focus on the conversation rather than what to say. You shouldn’t just listen to the words themselves, but try to pick up on the meaning behind the story or the point of the companions. While listening watch out for highlights to comment on later. Adding irony and humor to your responses will make everybody see you as a fun and friendly person.  

Get a Fix on More Jokes

Browse the web for the best sources of jokes to be retold for laughs. The comic shows or the streams by stand-up comedians can make you get equipped with many humorous anecdotes. Learn your audience. Say what you think is funny rather than what you hope will make others laugh. Never tell jokes about race and sexual orientation in order not to offend other people and to seem rude. You can laugh at yourself, sharing the stories from personal experiences. Don’t be afraid, so as people who open up look secure and confident. And never be ashamed to laugh if someone else is telling a good joke.

Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

You should be a master at managing your own emotions as well as at recognizing the emotional needs of others. Empathy is the quality you need to hit the nail on the head. You will be able to solve any issues if you keep calm and take criticism well. Emotional intelligence is accepted as a technical ability to be hired and promoted by more and more companies. Try to be a source of reassurance and direct the interaction into something more light-hearted and positive if someone is in a bad mood. Your friends will appreciate you for picking up on their emotions and bringing some warmth.

Never Get Embarrassed to Ask Questions

Asking good questions can help you be a better leader. Social interaction is a great way to show your interest, engagement, and attention to detail. Your questions should be relevant and in line with the stories people tell, to let them know you are a sounding board. Ask more questions to let your dialog partner show off their knowledge. This is a way not to be boring, allowing others to shine. After several questions they will subconsciously grateful, enjoying your company.

People with strong social skills are typically the best team players who help others develop and shine, and you can be among them. If you are sincere, polite, and courteous, you’ll be more fun around. You will enjoy the process of discovering many new things about yourself that you couldn’t imagine you were capable of. If you treat each discovery as wonders, you’ll find just how fun the task of getting social skills is. And very soon you will get right at the top, basking in your new status as a social fellow and building your social circle. By the way, you always have something to tell them how to get a government job.

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