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Ways to Improve Mental Health at Workplace

Mental Health is all about the inner you and it is as important as the physical health. It includes the thinking and feelings of any person. Mental health of a worker is among the most important elements the organizations must take care. It effects the productivity and efficiency of the person as well as of the organization. 

In today’s world majority of the people are working from home due to the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, the apps such as Zoom and Skype are the workplace for the workers. Moreover, it found difficult for them to work from home because of the routine, time management and workload. These factors are highly affecting the mental health of the workers. 

In this situation, it seems very important for the employees to improve the mental health through various method. Moreover, the workers themselves can have some activities that can boost their mental health. Here, we provide a number of ways to improve the mental health of the workers at workplace. 


  • Plan Happy Hours


Other than the office work, you do with your co-workers on the virtual platforms you can plan to have a virtual happy hour. You can have trivia games and some other creative ideas to make the happy hour joyful. 

Moreover, try to share feelings and issues with co-workers so that you can feel relaxed. When you share the stress and problem with someone you trust the most, even if solution is not possible, you will feel relax which automatically improves your mental health.


  • Stay Active 


Regular exercise can highly affect your mental health. It improves your self-esteem and makes you more focused and active. Especially, nowadays when people are doing their work staying in front of a laptop or computer for hours, doing exercise is necessary to stay healthy. 

Exercise does not only mean joining a gym or participate in any sport you can do any activity that incorporates your muscles and body movements. Even a 30 to 40 minutes’ walk everyday would be enough for a healthy body and mind.  


  • Healthy Food 


Food is the main factor affecting your mental health. Healthy food means healthy mind. Therefore, always choose the healthy and nutritious food. Add more of vegetables, fruits and drinks in your diet that are good for both your physical and mental health. 

Moreover, avoid junk foods reduce the consumption of caffeine and refined sugar that will only pollute your body and mind.  Furthermore, regular meals will also help to boost your mental health. Hence, plan a timetable for having meals and follow it for a healthy life style. During working hours, you can have some nuts or snacks that are great brain boosters.


  • Sleep Well


The shutdown of schools, colleges and offices disturbs the routine of almost every individual. Mostly, the workers works until late night as there is no restriction of timings therefore could not have enough sleep. However, this is highly affecting their mental health and performance adversely. Better and enough sleep is highly recommended for a healthy and active lifestyle. 

Moreover, more use of phones and tablets at night are damaging the physical and mental health of the people. Therefore, reduce the use of these gadgets and leave them an hour before going to bed to have a restful sleep. 


  • Do Thing You Love


In addition to the office work, try to get some time for the activities you love to do. These activities may include spending time with your family or friends, do some gardening, cooking, reading or painting etc. It will highly affect your mental health. Therefore, develop good habits and organize your daily routine accordingly.


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