Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

It has been said that productivity is the magic that lets you do something more out of something less. This is why many, if not all, businesses focus their efforts on improving their employees’ productivity. By doing so, they are able to widen their profit margin without having to increase the number of resources poured in. As a professional working in almost any industry you can think of; productivity is your main product and core competency. Like any other professional, you need to guard it and keep it sharp.

It is easy to become less productive. This year a lot of companies have transitioned to working from home. For some people, this had a negative impact in their productivity, while for others, they had the opposite experience. The place where you do your work is the least of the things you need to think about if you want to improve your productivity.

The unspoken method of improving productivity in the workplace that is often the most effective option is actually exercised. We mean that literally. Physical activity improves circulation to your major organs that are vital in keeping you focused and productive. Exercise also keeps your muscles tones and your body warmed up. It results in an overall improvement in your physical health.

Exercise has other benefits that extend from what you can see physically. A regular dose of physical activity triggers the release of endorphins or known as your happy hormones. These hormones help you keep a good mood and helps you get yourself out of stressful situations unscathed. Stress is one of the major killers of employee productivity. When employees feel that they are helpless and exhausted all the time, they will consistently opt to give the minimum requirement if not less.

Upping your physical activity does not mean you need to train for a marathon right away. Simple choices such as using the stairs or stopping at the station a little further away from your destination to allow for a few yards of walking is enough to get your heart rate up. If you want to go further, you can get a fat tire electric bike 1000w and pedal yourself to your workplace. Whatever works for you, be more aware of the choices you can make that can contribute to giving you a more active lifestyle.

Most people neglect the link between physical health and mental performance, but those two always go hand in hand, which also means you can never have one without the other.

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