Ways to make a logo

The success of a company depends on many factors, including the product or service being sold, a well-developed business plan, external market conditions, and consumer behavior at a particular point in time. The logo plays an important role. The memorability and, as a result, the popularity of the company depend on it. Consider the issue of creating a high-quality logo in more detail.

What is a logo

The logo is a picture with text. Includes an object symbolizing the company’s activities and some text, it can be the name of the company with the date of foundation or its slogan. The characteristics of a good logo include – brightness to attract attention, unusualness for quick memorability, the psychological significance of the colors used, and informativeness. The last point is very important, a person must understand the symbolism, otherwise, no associative lines will line up in his brain. An example of a good logo is Microsoft, four squares in red, green, yellow and blue with the inscription of the same name. Multi-colored squares are unusual and bright, as a result, they are perfectly remembered, there is a company name. Some companies do not list the name, such as Apple and McDonald’s. You don’t have to rely on them. The logos of these companies are known to 99% of the inhabitants of the planet Earth, they have a purely attention-grabbing function for a particular product. There is no goal to stand out from the rest of the brands, as they are already in the first place. You can refuse to include the name on the logo, but only after worldwide fame.

How to make a logo online

If you want to create a quality product for your company, then use the logo generator Turbologo. You can develop a product in real time. The advantages of the resource include ease of development, functionality. Consider the standard logo design algorithm:

1. Think about the symbolism, the central object should represent the company, invite friends of different gender, age and education level to brainstorm, write down the symbols in the list;

2. Designate the best colors according to psychological perception, yellow – optimistic, orange – creative, green and blue – peaceful and friendly, red – energetic and aggressive, purple – rich and successful, blue – stable, pink – gentle and soft, gray – resistant, beige – elegant and extravagant;

3. Solve the issue of including the company name and slogan on the logo, and determine the scale and font, it is better not to use complex handwritten letters, as many people will not be able or will not want to read them, give preference to classic options;

4. Analyze competitors in the niche, analyze logos by symbolism, color schemes, including the best ideas in your project, you don’t need to copy, you need to supplement;

5. Make several options, print them out on a color printer, conduct a sociological study, you can simply walk through the streets of your city and invite people to evaluate the logo, you can order a survey on the Internet;

6. Choose the best option, taking into account the opinion of society, do not be afraid to change the logo if you do not like it, first of all, it should satisfy you;

7. Analyze the possibility of scaling the logo on advertising banners, grocery bags, glasses and other similar objects, the image should look good everywhere, otherwise adjustments are necessary.


The logo is extremely important for a successful business, do not neglect it. Set aside enough time and money to work through every moment and get a quality image. Do not solve all issues alone, logo design is a team process. Pay special attention to symbolism and informativeness, do not forget about the psychological perception of individual colors and color schemes, fonts. To simplify the process of creating a high-quality logo, use the Turbologo service. If you are dissatisfied with the result, invite a professional designer to show you the best practices and consult.

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