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Ways to recharge one's FASTag online

The Government of India made it compulsory for vehicle owners to affix a FASTag sticker on their vehicles starting the 16th of February 2021. FASTag has made our commutes more convenient, and banks are helping us recharge FASTags conveniently. This article enlists five ways to deposit an amount in your . Choose the mode of online transfer you find most convenient.

1.Mobile banking is the most efficient way to recharge your FASTag

Well-known banks across India offer FASTag recharge-related services on their mobile apps. IDFC FIRST Bank offers a specialized FASTag app to help customers access their FASTags better. The IDFC FIRST Bank FIRSTForward app combines innovation and technology to help you carry out online recharges. Check out the app here.

2.Recharge your FASTag via WhatsApp

Banks offer SMS and WhatsApp services, too, these days. IDFC FIRST Bank’s WhatsApp Banking services require you to send a “Hi” to a number to recharge their FASTag online. WhatsApp chatbots are gaining popularity among the masses owing to their accessibility and seamless user interface.  

3.UPI can help you recharge your FASTag

IDFC FIRST Bank helps customers recharge their FASTags via UPI (Unified Payments Interface). Most banks support UPI, and customers can use platforms like Google Pay to top up their FASTag. Open the app of your choice (Google Pay, Phone Pe, Paytm, etc.), navigate to the “Recharge and Bill Payment” tab, and select “FASTag recharge” to recharge your FASTag. 

4.You can also use Net Banking to recharge FASTags

Net Banking is another convenient way to recharge your FASTag. IDFC FIRST Bank customers can log in to the IDFC FIRST Bank Net Banking portal and top up their FASTag conveniently. Since IDFC offers a unified experience across devices, you will benefit from a similar superior banking experience regardless of choosing Net Banking or Mobile Banking. 

5.You can opt for recharging your FASTag by visiting the FASTag website

You can also recharge your FASTag by directly visiting the FASTag site. The FASTag website also helps you avail of a toll plaza monthly pass recharge. Customers who recently bought a vehicle and if work requires frequent commuting within India can apply for a FASTag on the official site. 

Note: Track your FASTag payments. 

Besides being environment-friendly and convenient, FASTags offer another advantage to customers. They help customers track their toll payments 24/7. On making a FASTag payment, customers receive a FASTag statement that enlists their transaction details. Your FASTag statement will contain information such as the amount you paid and the recharging time. 

Mobile banking apps handle all our financial needs – from investments to insurance. Banks like IDFC FIRST Bank have a dedicated FASTag utility app that helps address your queries and get a quick resolution. Not only do you get various ways to recharge your FASTag online but get parking tickets and fuel offers also. When choosing a FASTag app, always check the ease of payment and various utilities for a hassle-free experience. 

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