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Art Deco is slowly becoming a sure way of making homes look fantastic. Whenever you visit a home, you feel much comfortable in a properly organized living room. Besides, there is a different kind of feeling when the room has beautiful sculptures and lightings.

However, it is not always easy to achieve such fascinating interior designs even with art deco furniture. What matters is how well you plan mainly on the color, lighting patterns, and other designs. This article will help you with some tips that can help you make your room look modern and perfected.

Get some plant-inspired sculptures

One of the easiest ways you can add Art Deco to your living room is by using plant-inspired sculptures. Plant inspired sculpture plays a lot of roles in making your living room look great. There are different plant-inspired sculptures you may choose from, but that will depend on your preference.

One fascinating thing about plant-inspired sculptures is their ability to draw attention. When you have such sculptures in your living room, you get to make people feel comfortable, especially your guests. Also, it generally makes your living room look luxurious with a feel of glamour.

Buy some fiberglass piece of art for your wall.

Also, you can buy a piece of fiberglass and hang it in a grand style. However, it has to be a design by a specialist in the Art Deco style. Also, remember that you can have several of them in one living room. What matters is that you place them in the right places to bring out the desired look.

Also, you may need custom designs for these pieces of art. You can add different designs to the pieces and give your home that stunning look.

Add Art Deco Furniture

If there is another sure way of making your home look amazing with Art Deco, then it is using furniture. The best thing about taking this option is that you never run out of options because you are not limited in any way. There are different designs of sofas, cabinets, art deco armchairs, and other furniture that you can use.

Also, you can try different patterns that will add more to the gorgeous designs. For example, you can use polka dots, florals, or stripes to bring more color into your living room. Furniture made in the Art Deco style has that exceptional look you will love in your living room.

Get some Art Deco Sculptures

After getting everything in place, you can go ahead and get it to sculpture to accompany what you already have in place. There are various designs of it sculptures that you may have, and you can incorporate them on multiple items in your living room, such as a clock or painting.

Besides, you must choose the sculpture you buy wisely. Mainly, it should have a link to some event or anything in your life. That will not only remind you about events but also add a touch of elegance.


Art Deco is a style and not an ideology, as most people think. Therefore, you need to ensure you have some professional advice from someone who has experience in Art Deco. These tips will help you build a modern and class interior in your home.

By Sudarsan Chakraborty

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