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It is natural to wonder what you can do to help when a loved one is struggling with alcohol use disorder. Having an alcoholic in the family is even more challenging and painful when they cannot stop drinking despite experiencing the different problems caused by alcohol use disorder.

How does alcohol use disorder affect family and friends?

Alcohol addiction affects those who drink and their loved ones. An alcoholic will often neglect their responsibilities, abuse loved ones, and get into financial and legal difficulties that force family and friends to provide help.

Watching your loved one’s life heading downhill triggers distressing emotions, such as fear, anger, shame, and self-blame. Some people choose to ignore their loved ones because they believe they choose to waste their life with alcohol. However, ignorance does not solve the problem. It often escalates the problem if the one struggling with alcoholism feels neglected and isolated.

Fortunately, there are ways you can help your loved one to lead an alcohol-free life when you exercise patience. Such ways are explained below.

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Recognizing the warning signs

People with alcohol addiction are not good at recognizing the signs that show that they have become dependent on the substance. As a loved one, it is crucial to check for signs of addiction and help them recognize them too.

People often consume alcohol to cope with stress, bury their feelings, and deal with difficulties in life. Meaning they are often not in the best state of mind. When you recognize the following signs:

  • Strained relationships due to alcoholism
  • Neglect of responsibilities at home, work, or in school
  • Blackouts
  • Drinking more than they intended to

It is best to talk to your loved ones about addiction and help them research the right recovery center to visit for treatment.

Get them to the recovery center

Nobody likes to have their problems pointed out to them. Therefore, it is important to talk to your loved ones struggling with alcohol addiction in a loving, supportive, and caring way when you want to help them. Do not take negative reactions personally, and it is vital to avoid emotional appeals, such as threats, when talking to your loved ones about seeking help.

The best way to offer your help is by enrolling them into a treatment program offered by a reputable recovery center. You can also consult in the comfort of your home by installing the Confidant Health app which will give you access to talk to online suboxone doctors.

Show support during recovery

Once your loved one starts receiving treatment from a recovery center, they will need your support. Most people struggling with alcohol addiction relapse after the first treatment, and return to their old drinking habits. Avoid blaming yourself when this happens. Instead, you should exercise more patience and encourage your loved ones to go back to the recovery center for treatment.

Encourage them to pursue new interests that ensure their time is well spent, such as pursuing arts. Help your loved ones find healthier ways of coping with stress and ensure you hold them accountable for every action they take under alcohol influence to ensure they learn the consequences of their behavior.

Help your loved one

Help your loved ones decide on the best recovery center for their treatment now that you have read about different ways of helping them with their struggle against alcohol use disorder.

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