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We have the perfect solution for your landscaping needs. Whether you’re looking to transform an entire backyard or just need some soil and stone, we are here at Rock Pros Landscape Supply! With our vast inventory of top-grade materials in various sizes including sandstone pavers that will add curb appeal onto any house – it doesn’t matter how big or small; if there’s a project on deck then chances are good these experts know exactly what tools should be used when making sure everything goes smoothly from start (or finish) zone without delays down through all stages thanks again so much

We know that you have a lot of choices when it comes to landscape suppliers, and we want your business. That’s why our team works with honesty and reliability directly on finding the best solution for all types of home or commercial needs- no matter where in North America they are located! Our customers love us too– check out these reviews from happy clients: “The customer service at this company was wonderful!” (Jana), “It’s great not having any hidden costs.”


Nowadays, more and more people are turning their yards into the perfect place to escape from life’s stresses. With a little creativity in landscaping projects, you can transform any ordinary patch of ground into something that will be admired for years by friends and family alike! One great option is using sand as one base material because it’s highly compressible making pavers or pathways easy on foot while still looking professional grade upon completion

We have a saying around here – “sand does it all.” It’s true! Sand can be used in place of concrete, sandstone, or paving stones to create beautiful walkways. Not only do they provide traction and durability but also help with water drainage so you don’t have wet feet when coming home after an outing under our hot sun during these long summer days (or even winter). The best part? You may never know that someone else walked on your paver because there was a trace of their presence at all thanks for using such natural material as aggregate instead of what feels like solid rock underneath them


The soil under your backyard can be a little more complicated than just dirt, it’s full of surprises! Loam is typically what you’ll find and as the name suggests: It contains sand mixed with other materials like silt or clay. However, this mix makes up only about 30% by weight in any given area; organic matter accounts for another 20%.

The easiest type to work with? That would have to be Sand – its lack of water retention capacity means less time spent on irrigation (but then again so do most clays!) And finally, there’s Clay

Soil is a necessary ingredient in the creation of your landscape. It removes pollutants from the air, cleans groundwater, and keeps water where it belongs–in the soil! Soil’s vital role extends to providing habitat for bacteria and earthworms which help transform waste into nutrients that plants can use; without this invaluable substance, we would have no ecosystem nor food sources whatsoever. But when trying times arise (like during storms), make sure you don’t flush any valuable topsoils down toilets because they are too heavy for sewers


The most common type of flagstone is sandstone. This hard, erosion-resistant stone has layers that have been colored by iron oxide and quartz at varying degrees to give it an attractive look–reds, oranges browns, or grays depending on how much of each ingredient was used in its formation process! It’s often used for patios because this durable material can withstand elements like rainwater without being destroyed too easily while still looking great when exposed outdoors to sunlight throughout the day

Flagstones are a beautiful and versatile natural product with an unmatched variety of shapes, sizes, colors. They can be used for almost any type of project due to their durability as well as the fact that they will never go out of style!

Why Rock Pros?

If you’re not sure which type of flagstone is best for your project, we can help. There are so many different sorts and types out there that it’s hard to figure out on our own! For assistance with making landscaping decisions or consultation from an expert like those at Rock Pros who will know what stone would work well in each situation – give us a call today

You don’t need to go anywhere else for your landscaping needs in and around Lincoln, California. Rock Pros Landscape Supply has the materials you need! We offer a friendly service that will help with any project big or small- we’re here year-round so contact us today if there’s anything at all on your mind regarding landscape supplies such as sandpits or flagstone pavers.

Rock Pros’ soil is the perfect foundation for your next landscaping project. Our sand comes from all over California so that we may provide customers with top-notch products at fantastic prices, and our dirt can be used as fill or placed on its own in any yard! Whether you need a truckload of loam delivered right to location or just enough fill dirt needed cover some new sod; Rock Pro’s got what are looking for.”

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