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Whenever you feel like browsing the online jewelry stores, or just look make an online search randomly, you tend to have earrings as your first choice. Jewelries have been such an important part of our culture and our personality that thinking of doing without even a small beaded bracelet is nothing short of a nightmare. The joys of surfing through simple gold earrings designs are understandable by true connoisseurs of everything fine.

History speaks of so many jewelry pieces with some being specific to certain cultures and given this digital age, accessing information about a particular piece. Also, getting one made for yourself is not rocket science and not to mention that we are spoilt for choices.  The maangtikas for the forehead, the cummerbund for the waist, the forearm bracelet, there are so many options for us to drool over, and the variety of designs they all come in just makes you greedy for more. Yet, the earrings have always garnered a special interest from everyone. No matter how many pairs you own, you just do not feel satisfied and contented. There is always a pair missing. So what makes earrings so special?

Top 5 reasons why earrings are always a delight:

  1. The best thing about earrings is that they can be worn by every human being. Earrings are gender neutral and they have a long history of being the preferred ornament for nobility and royalty as it was a status symbol.
  2. You can make a few costume earrings at home too. There are kits available too, along with various tutorials. This ease of customization and creation makes earrings most sought after.
  3. Earrings go with just about every outfit. You can wear studded tops for your office and then just change your clothes and you are ready for the party. The simpler the design, the more versatile it becomes.
  4. There is a certain charm in wearing earrings. The ears are the most visible yet hidden part of the body and wearing earrings can work both ways. Earrings even have a way to make your neck and shoulders look elegant. A long statement pair of studded danglers with off shoulder dress is a complete look in itself. You do not need anything else.
  5. It is one of the most comfortable daily wear accessories. Latest daily wear gold earrings designs are the go to for all jewelry stores as stocks keep getting sold out. A simple hoop earring or studs on you sometimes makes you forget that you are even wearing one.

Archeology has dated earrings to be one of the first and hence oldest forms of body adornment. The no fuss and go with everything attitude of earrings is what make this kind of ornament a long runner. Be it lightweight or heavy and studded, earrings will never fail you and will always make you look and feel beautiful and confident.

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