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It is indeed annoying to find a website that is responsive just for the desktop browsing experience and not for other gadgets. In the era where smartphones have become the most accessible gadgets to explore the internet, it becomes a need for the website to be responsive at all platforms. The crowd uses smartphones and tablets as much as they use laptops and PCs.

While the Web Design Company in India is focused on creating a more digitally aware and responsive web design, some disasters stop users from having a good browsing experience. A poorly designed website doesn’t just lose out on traffic but fails to create an impact in the market too. Here are some web design disasters that drive people crazy!

Signing up before browsing the website

None of us wants to hit on a website that asks us to sign up for their newsletter or become a member before we get to know their content and offerings. It is one of the tricks that is applied by the companies to retain the customers as soon as they show up on the website. But this very trick to make the website responsive can push off the traffic. Finding sign-up pop-ups that restrict the user from accessing the website data before signing up is one of the biggest disasters that brands make for their business.

Online forms that frustrate

It is common to find websites that run surveys on every customer’s choice.  To implement a responsive design the web designers place survey forms that evaluate on the user’s preferences, service area, etc. It gets frustrating when these surveys are run uselessly. With websites prompting to share details of the browser and asking them to give feedback, it gets frustrating to browse through the content on was looking for. Not only is it a difficult task to fill up a big survey form through smartphones but also wastes a lot of time for the users who are just there seeking information.

Fancy fonts

A Website should have a regular and popular font style to reach out to the millions of users online. To make the content and design appealing to the audience sometimes the Web Designers use elaborative fonts with cute styles. It does not work everywhere! It fails to create an impression on certain sections of the crowd. Moreover, it is also equally disturbing to find designer content that does not fit the mobile screen properly. To create a serious impression on the customers it is always a given that one shall need a more readable and common font style.

Useless search bars

Search bars on the websites were introduced as a means to filter the data for the users to find the right information without wasting time. Web designers today put up the search bars on the websites just for the sake of it. It is indeed annoying to find the search bars that don’t provide for the relevant search on the website. They are either not working or don’t provide for the right query even though the searched content is available on the website. For the brands, it is a chance lost to keep the audience on their website. For the audience, it is a setback making them run away from the website.

Content that looks bland!

Creating content and putting up on the website is a creative process. It impacts the users when it is paired well with intriguing style, good appearance, etc. It is more like a glossy magazine than an old-style newspaper. This need for presenting the content well is lost somewhere in the web designer world. Finding the content filling up the web page with no creative alignment, supporting pictures, font style, etc gets boring and annoying for the audience. Web Design Company in India should structure the content into categories, ideas, dates, etc and defines them with relevant pictures, infographics, etc to convey the ideas in the best possible manner.

Low-resolution images

Nothing hurts the feelings of the audience as much as an ill-pixel picture on the website. Some of the websites with good content run with low-resolution pictures which affect the browsing experience horrendously. The audience cannot connect with the picture as much as is conveyed by the content. And hence there is no traffic on the website. Even with the best of content, business, ideas, etc, the website can lack in grabbing attention because of web designers inefficiency in guiding their clients with the need for picture quality.

Missing out on details

Most of the online shopping websites that are run by the companies individually miss out on the details of their product. While it should be of prime importance to let the customers know about the product, its ingredients, components, specifications, etc a lot of space and design is missing to provide for it. Web designers ignore the need for information of the customers. As a result, there is very less information related to the product which results in an instant fall in traffic. It is crazy to find a good product with necessary details missing on the website.

No navigation tools

Users need guidance from the website to seek the information on it. And this happened with the help of a navigation tool. There are options where one can select from what the website has to offer. Web designers sometimes ignore the importance of navigation tool on the website rendering it completely vague for the users. With no idea on how to get through the content, or how to reach to the other linked pages, it is but a frustrating experience operating the website.

Web designers should take into perspective the needs of the customers when designing the website. The basics of tools and features that make browsing a worthy experience should b outlined and implemented with great diligence. These annoying disasters committed by the web designers don’t just influence the business but affect the experience of the customers too.

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