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Web Design Trends That Will Rule The Market In 2019 <![CDATA[]]>

2018 was an exciting year when it comes to web designing. We have seen how new technologies like chatbots connected with us through better UI designs, we saw the emergence of new styles and how they influenced the web designing arena. So if you have not much worked on the web design part of your website over the years then it is time you go for updates. It is time you revamp it and make it ready for the current market needs – Who knows you may be losing sales because of your old setup! You can always choose to go for best UI/UX designing services at low costs for your designing needs.

So let’s waste no time and check out the top trends which you can see in web designing in the year 2019 –

  • Flat design

    Flat design can be called as a minimalist design approach which follows two-dimensional illustrations. It makes use of bright colors and open, clear spaces. This design style came up a few years back just as a trend but later, it was improved and today it has become a standard for web designing.

    There has been an increased need to have fast loading websites which offers equally well browsing experience to the desktop and mobile users and this led to the rise of flat design. Flat designs mainly follow simple illustrations which are lightweight compared to those websites which makes use of images, videos and other heavy visuals. Being light from the data perspective makes them quicker to load within less amount of time.

    From the UX perspective, many users prefer this style for the site. By removing unnecessary ornamental things from the site and keeping only the important elements, it becomes easy for the users to focus on the key things and smoothly navigate through.

  • More and more illustrations

    When you are all set to marketing your website, one of the challenging situations that will come up is to find right product images which can help you stay competitive in the market. For this the designers mainly focus on two solutions – firstly the GIFs and product UI shorts and secondly the lifestyle or editorial photography.The product UI is more focused on explaining the product experience, its features and functionality; while the lifestyle photography is more focused on the human dimension that plays in here with the product and explains how it interact with the lives of the people.

    It is said that illustrations are set to make an entry into product design and marketing in 2019. This can be part of the trend of returning fashion that we see. Illustrations reigned the marketing arena of 70s with vivid drawn images and color choices.

    In order to bring the end design to life, illustrations make use of rough sketches which are used along with abstract shapes and colors. The designs of the illustrations will be inspired from live people and their ideas. It will become easy to put many concepts to work and the single drawings will pave a new way for designing.

  • Animated GIFs

    When it comes to finding information online, today’s online users is in the way of “instant gratification”. This clearly means that your website has very less time to make an impression and grab the attention of the users. In such situation animated GIFs does well.

    GIFs are equipped with conveying an idea very easily and in the more engaging manner without much effort. Again, they are easily accessible to the people as it works across different mobile devices and browsers without compromising performance.

  • Conversational bots and machine learning

    Over time we have seen huge advancements in the field of artificial intelligence in the capabilities of conversational bots. Now this can be evident from the real-life examples like Facebook offering you suggestions for tagging people in photo or when Google offers you auto-suggestions. Today companies have understood the benefits that bots offers them on the table which includes:

    – Transitions between cases made quick and easy for increased efficiency
    – Filtering the users into different segments based on their issues and giving them instant  responses.

  • White Space

    The web design trend is now moving towards something like -“less is more” view. This means that websites are getting designed in simpler manner with less-clutter and more white space. White Space is nothing but the free space that you will find on the website around the page elements. With enough amount of white space on the pages of your website, you will be able to keep the elements apart and thus improve readability of the page. This makes it easy for the users to pick up the important information quickly.

  • Using Sketch as effective web design software

    When it comes to development, there is always a debate going on what to choose like GIF vs. JIF, Mac vs. PC, Apple vs. Android. When it comes to web designing, web designers are left to make a choice between Sketch vs. Photoshop.Some years back Photoshop was considered as the go-to tool used for web designing but slowly it started to lose its ground and now Sketch has taken up its place.

    This software tool is specially developed for the purpose of web designing and to help web designers with majority of the tasks related to it. Right from coming up with designs it helps to come up with prototypes which are used in client presentation.

    Sketch comes with the ability to handle everything related to the design process and has an open source library consisting of plugins which makes it more of a desirable option for companies to leave Photoshop and switch to Sketch for all their mainstream software design works.

  • Asymmetrical layout and broken grid

    The use of designing within the set grid is something that has come up in the recent times. By using a grid system it becomes easy for designers to maintain consistency and alignment in their design and it becomes easy to complete it soon and put to use.

    However, it has been seen that the designers are trying to come out of the grid system more now. This way designer get to enjoy more freedom in what they do and this helps them to become creative to a new level. This way a new level of hierarchy gets created and this helps in guiding the users throughout the page and takes them to the important elements which are actionable. This helps them come up with designs that are unique and more intriguing.

  • Design systems

    Design system is in actual sense a collection of component which can be reused and are based on a set of principles, rules and constraints. Over the time many designing teams have found them to be very useful.Major companies like Airbnb, Trello and Shopify have been working on design system to come up with in-depth solutions and are offering them on their pages so that everyone can go through it.

    When you implement design systems well into your business you will be able to speed up the design process as well as reduce any kind of inconsistencies you may face.

    Polaris – the design system from Shopify helps the users to understand the UX design, typography and color of Shopify.

  • Making use of organic shapes

    If a shape is irregular then it is called as an organic shape in designing. Or you can say that a design which is not perfect is organic shape. Such kind of shapes has more human elements and is drawn using hands. Such kind of organic shapes can grab the user attention because of its unusual shape and can seem to be more personal in appearance.Again, you can add more depth to your site when you combine it to an image or illustration. This will break the monotonous look that we always gain by using regular square and circle shapes.

  • Website accessibility

    This cannot be completely called as a trend but this is something that designers cannot ignore when dealing with website designing in 2019. When we talk about accessibility of the website, it can be explained in terms of design where the website becomes accessible to the people who have different disabilities. It becomes easy for the people with disabilities to use the website with ease when the websites are designed and coded properly. It is sad that there are a number of websites out there which are not that kind of friendly for people with disabilities.

  • Accuracy and speed

    You have a very little time when it comes to leave an impression on the users after gaining their attention. It has to be said that accuracy and speed of the website plays a very crucial role in building up the interest of the users. It is a norm that the website should load within two seconds and should not take more than three seconds for the job. If this does not happen people normally move towards other options.People can get attracted towards a beautiful site but if the heavy elements on the page take it long to load then it will not be good. Working on coming up with faster loading website will be needed in this year. During the design process the web design should be focused on page load speed. When you are handling the web designing you cannot just choose to have a developer to handle all the work of making the website look beautiful as well as rank well on the search engines, you will have to work towards ensuring the speed of the page load is given importance. You should know that even if a website is well designed it will go unnoticed among the mass if takes 5 seconds to load. The users will not give a second thought to make a move to another website.

    The trend in the web speed also points to the fact that there is no more need to have uncompressed videos, large size images and bloated JavaScript. In the year 2019, the web designers will focus on to include these elements without slowing down the website and the look and feel of the website is maintained.

    If you are not aware about the speed of your website then you can check it using Google Page Speed Insights. It will let you know how much time it takes for the website to load and in case of delays it will offer you suggestions to make improvements. If you see that your website takes more time to load then you should check the server response time, reduce the number of plugins, try to reduce the size of the images or rethink about keeping them, and check the website host capabilities you currently have. Making changes to any of these factors can offer tremendous difference in the overall performance of your website. Remember that even a delay of 1 second has caused many companies loss and so you should not fall for it.

Whatever trends you choose to apply in your website just be sure you choose to hire best UI/UX designers for the job. You need to concentrate on the quality of work rather than choosing cheaper options. Still if you are confused you can ask a few questions to ensure you have made the right choice of candidate.

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