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Photography is one of the hobbies that is bang nowadays. People do different types of photography like landscape photography, portrait photography, wedding photography, product photography and food photography. Each one of those photographers has his or her own expertise regarding photography.


Today, we will learn about gears for food photography. Though, those will not be different from other photography equipment but, still, food photography requires different types of the best camera lens in Pakistan.



  1. Camera Model


The camera plays an important role in photography. Therefore, you should have a full-frame camera for professional photography, else you can use a point and shoot camera as a hobbyist. You can also go for cropped sensor DSLRs.


  1. Lenses to Buy


You must have seen different zooms like zoom in, zoom out shots and sometimes close-ups. Most of the portraits are taken from prime lenses. Prime lenses have a fixed focal length. They do not zoom in or zoom out. Although the person needs to go forward and backward to have a good focal length. Prime and macro lenses are better in use whatever type of photography you do.


  1. Lighting


Lighting is also an important gear of photography. A professional photographer needs to have flashguns, strobes and LED lights you can say. Though, natural light is the best but, sometimes it is good to play with lights on your own. If you really want to shoot a video of your food photography, you should go for Lowel Tota.


This equipment is perfect in the night for taking classy images of dishes. It should be used in a less crowded area. You can also consider using monoblock for larger sets where a lot of light is required. There are several ways to diffuse the unwanted light. Using big size lighting modifiers you can soften the light.


  1. Supplementary Gears


There are a few more types of equipment that can be useful for food photography. Let’s have a look at those gears:


  1. Tripod


Tripod is helpful to get sharp images. You need to have a strong tripod. The best tripods’ models you should search for. These type of tripod is excellent for food photography. If you are making an unusual angle, you can attach Manfrotto 131D Side Arm with your tripod that helps to keep the camera in a difficult position for a longer period of time.


  1. Remote Release


A remote release helps you to move your camera in all the directions without you being at the back of your camera to take a photo.


  1. Photography Software


No matter how pro you are at photography, you still need to do editing. You can purchase Adobe Photoshop editing software for your photo editing. Before capturing pictures, you might have most of the gear with you. Here are a few tips for food photography and you can use them in most of the photography types.


  • You must not use the built-in flash. The built-in flash will ruin your image.
  • You have to take one type of image from different angles. Moreover, You can change the position of the object with your movement.
  • Make your background clear. If you find some cutlery item disturbing or blocking the object, you can simply crop that from the frame.


You shouldn’t worry much about learning photography because it all depends on your experience and practice time you will give to that. You can buy the best photography cameras from the camera store online in Pakistan for the best pictures of your food.

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