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Marriage is an event that requires particular know-how in photography. Indeed, a “simple” mastery of the image will not suffice since the alliance of relational, patience and precision will augur. I will give you the few keys that allowed me to embark on photo reports intended to retrace and immortalize this sweet day that symbolizes the union of two beings.

How do I start wedding photography?

It goes without saying that some image control is required before you embark on such a venture. Indeed, it is necessary to know how to handle mood photos, portraits, but also ceremonies. First of all, try to contact a professional in the field in the lens to ask him to accompany him and thus observe his actions to make your hand.

Once you’ve learned this foundation, check with those around you, and be on the lookout for possible marriages that may take place. Offer your services for an affordable price, while presenting a book, listing your most beautiful achievements. It is by covering the unions of your loved ones that you will build up a piece of certain baggage that will allow you, later, to seduce strangers.

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What about the law?

For an amateur photographer, the law allows wedding coverage if it takes place in his family. If you’re not declared,self-entrepreneur status is the best way to get started. Indeed, you can acquire it in just a few clicks.

How do I attract potential customers?

There is no secret, with the place occupied by the internet and social networks, online visibility is the most effective way to attract your potential customers. Thus, it is necessary to create a website that presents your shots accompanied by your vision of marriage. All you have to do is work by referring to directories of wedding providers, for example.

The meeting with the bride and groom

Therefore, it will be necessary to organize meetings with the people concerned with the aim of putting skills and feeling to the test… It is therefore always necessary to demonstrate an exemplary mix of professionalism and philanthropy in order to seduce the interested parties. Don’t forget that you are not alone in the market! So, update your book, presenting your best work, and detailing your prices (preferably a paper book, which is much nicer and warmer to look at).

Also, prepare a keynote address defending the positive and original points you would be able to bring to the event. Finally, finish this session by leaving a business card or a copy of your work.


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With what equipment to equip?

Wedding photography is an art that will require a special concentration and that will place you in extreme conditions throughout the day. You will have very little time for yourself and will be in great demand. So, to be able to respond to each situation as quickly as possible, I recommend the use of zoom lenses that offer large apertures.

What Nikon boxes?

Nikon D600: The D600 was my first full format. I chose it for its interesting ISO climb when it came out and its 24MP. The “entry-level professional” position that this case occupied was relatively interesting from my perspective. Currently, I use it in the second case with my lens 24-70mm F2.8. I chose two boxes to save time during the ceremonies. So I cover a field of 24 to 200 mm with the use of the 70-200mm on my D800.

Nikon D800: I chose to equip myself with the D800 for its resolution and its ability to climb into ISO. The gust was not an important criterion when buying, I preferred to focus on the definition proposed by the case: 36 MP. The latter allows me to crop and zoom in on the retouching image when I’m away or when I haven’t had time to frame it in the best way.

Nikon D3200: This recently purchased case is used on an automatic photo booth. It is very well suited to take pictures in a studio made available.

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What Nikon optics?

14-24mm F2.8: This lens, which is lightly used in marriage, allows me to frame very wide in town halls or churches. In addition, it allows me to highlight the architecture of the different reception venues. Also, when I’m limited in place, I use it for large group photos.

24-70mm F2.8: One of my most loyal allies. The first-generation 24-70MM F2.8 gives me a wide-angle with a zoom start. I often use it in great depth of field by not distinguishing the background from the first.

70-200mm F2.8: The inevitable lens. Being passionate about portraiture, this telephoto lens allows me to frame people very closely in order to create beautiful portraits. With its opening to F2.8, I get from F4 beautiful photos with a very low depth of field, which allows the look to stop on the subjects. The whole of my park was chosen to be effective in very low light. The opening of F2.8 allows me to work in the darkest places!

The D-Day steps Preparations

It goes without saying that this is an essential step and that you will have to follow the two individuals during these moments: hairstyle, dressing, repetition of the speech … In addition, this corresponds to the relaxing moment of the day. Indeed no one is taken by the time so take advantage of it to take beautiful shots that will sublimate your work … In addition, it is the ideal episode to discuss the different points of the day as well as the last-minute expectations of your customers.

Remember to talk to the people around you to reassure them and relax the atmosphere. The smiles that emerge will marry, before their owners, with your camera and the shots will come out only more elegant and natural!


Probably the moments that require the most concentration. Keep in mind that these alternate between speech and human contact. Thus, every speech, every entry, and every gesture is orchestrated and timed. So consider directing your goal to the heart of the action and capturing its essence with impeccable precision.

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Couple session and inspiration

Each wedding is unique. It is the order of the day to adapt your vision to the factors that come to build each of these days; notably the key moment that rests in the famous “couple session”. Renew yourself, offer new ones, dare to take risks by sailing to unexplored areas… In this case, I find my inspiration by gleaning concepts on Pinterest or on a Facebook group of wedding photographs. Challenges are organized every week, giving us the desire and inspiration to make beautiful images every weekend.


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