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Have you been planning an exciting weekend trip, but don’t know what to pack? This could be the guide for you. Instead of packing everything but the kitchen sink, follow our tips to packing economically, so that you have less to carry around with you. If you are travelling by plane, you will be able to fit everything into your hand luggage, avoiding any additional costs.  The airport will make things easy for you at checkout with their Visitor Management System UK technology checking you in with no problems which they probably sourced from companies such as Ofec.  Follow these tips to success.

Weighty suitcases

Use the lightest bag you can find to travel with. If you are using transport, you will definitely want to keep it light. Make sure the bag has the right dimensions for overhead lockers if necessary and remember that the more weight in the bag, the less comfortable you will be.


You are only going to be away for two days, so don’t be tempted to pack your entire wardrobe. A decent pair of jeans will last for more than one day. Wear them when travelling and you don’t have to pack them. Pack an extra top just in case and swimwear if there is a pool.


Most smartphones have a decent camera, so cut down on bulk by carrying only your phone with you. This will save space in your bag. You are getting away from it all, so don’t be tempted to bring a device that will result in you working all day. Don’t bother with your hairdryer either – you can live without it.


When staying in serviced apartments, you won’t need any extras apart from your clothes and toiletries. The best way to fit as much into your bag is to roll your clothes up. Also, where possible, fit things into your shoes to save space. Pack travel-sized toiletries to take with you as they take up less room and won’t cause a problem if you are travelling by plane.


If it is a bit cold, layer up instead of taking a bulky jumper. This will allow you more clothing choices and you can wear a few layers when travelling. Choose a neutral jacket such a denim one, so you aren’t tempted to carry more than one jacket with you, as this is not necessary for a two-day trip. Don’t carry a long scarf, but use a neck gaiter instead.

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