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What Are Drakes Favorite Sports Teams?epa07613844 Rapper Drake cheers on his team the Toronto Raptors in a play against the Golden State Warriors during the first half of the NBA Finals game one at Scotiabank Arena, in Toronto, Canada, 30 May 2019. EPA-EFE/WARREN TODA SHUTTERSTOCK OUT ORG XMIT: JGM52

Drake is regarded as a huge football supporter apart from being a rapper on RapTV, but his loyalties seem to be split because he has been seen in the likes of Liverpool, Manchester United and Chelsea jerseys.

The Canadian was depicted in Liverpool, Manchester United, Manchester City and Chelsea jerseys amid their rivalry in England. However, he was often willing to sport the jerseys of European clubs and foreign teams as well.

The action of fangirl Drake has been a long-running joke. It’s more about getting skilled mates of celebrities and the resources to travel or see them around the globe. Drake is also not a fan of modern or recreational games. By now, his relationships need to be cemented. The joke got so big that it was Drake who replied.

In the past, although we’re concerned about the Kentucky Wildcats and the Toronto Raptors, I’ve mostly embraced the individual and not the institution; I’ll never depart from them, “he added.” “Yet I’ve got a number of buddies who compete for a variety of clubs, whether it’s soccer or baseball or basketball. I’m not getting on a band. I am a helpful buddy.

Manchester United:

Drake called United star Ruud van Nistelrooy in 2007 in a song to show off his sports IQ while also paying tribute to his squad, obviously. Drake has since been seen with his kid Rio Ferdinand in Manchester United clothing, hanging out with him. Soon after, at a Manchester City game, Drake was seen exchanging United’s Reds for City’s Blues. Not long ago, Manchester United’s Tom Cleverley shared on his website an image of himself and Drake. United have earned back him.

Favourite squad for Drake: Manchester Unified … Chelsea and … And The county of Manchester

Why he’s rooting for them: What were you anticipating from Swansea City? Americans are sort of lenient towards polygamy enthusiasts, but not so the British. You select a squad of footballers and you stay with them.

Toronto Blue Jays: Drake’s favorite team:

Why he’s rooted for them: A lifelong fan, Drake’s name-checks high school stars like Paul Molitor, Kelly Gruber, and Roberto Alomar—and he certainly made the Blue Jays’ hat more popular than a Blue Jay would. We wouldn’t be surprised if Roy Halladay from Club LIV were intoxicated to recall happier days.

It’s been a while since Drake dedicated his devotion to the blue maple leaf. The Leafs are, though, the only hockey squad that Drake openly supports. Drake grew up playing hockey and ended up making it through the hockey camp at Upper Canada College that’s sort of a huge deal. As he was cross-checked in the leg, Drake’s hockey career finished and his mother called her.

The Seahawks:

In late 2013, after 20 Seahawks attended his concert at the Tacoma Dome, Drake stopped by a Seattle Seahawks practice while on tour. Drake also took a photo of himself holding hands with coach Pete Carroll, and then instagrammed it.

Cleveland Cavaliers:

It became evident when Drake became a follower of the Cleveland Cavaliers that he was not faithful to the teams he frequently endorses. She was appropriate at that stage. He had reported being a big guy from Miami Heat and Toronto Raptors. He grew up in Toronto, but until recently, the Raptors were always bad, so many fans preferred a secondary squad. The Unit was Miami.

FC Toronto:

Drake often backs the FC like a Toronto boy. He also played a crucial role in taking Jermain Defoe, an England soccer sensation, to Toronto (though he is already left). Tim Leiweke, his Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment manager, claims Drake talked to Defoe many occasions on the phone during contract talks.

Toronto Argonauts: Drake’s favorite team:

Why he roots for them: Drake finds American football to be a crudely primitive precursor of the Canadian Football League ‘s complex, three-down style. He’s got a life-size Rocket Ismail tattoo across his face. This is all lies, however (until February 2013), he’s possibly a Giants fan.

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