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Over the years, we human beings have come up with several ideas on how to improve our productivity in agriculture. Although the cannabis industry has only enjoyed a few years of legalization of some products, tremendous progress has been made to jump-start the popularity of cannabinoids. Perhaps one of the areas that has seen tremendous progress when it comes to cannabis and hemp is the production of seeds that yield varieties in their uniqueness. In this article, we will discuss feminized seeds and their importance to the average hemp users.

What feminized seeds mean

Feminized seeds are also called female seed. They are the kinds of seeds that only yield female plants. To make feminized seeds, growers manipulate the seeds genetically so that the female seeds are induced to make their own pollen. This is contrary to the expectation because it is usually the case that only male plants are known popularly as pollen producing species. But cannabis female plants can be genetically induced to make pollen. And when the pollen is produced, it only contains female chromosome. The pollination that occurs henceforth yields only feminized seeds.

How does feminized seeds differ from autoflowering seeds?

Usually, cannabis seeds require changes in light so that they can flower. But the autoflowering seeds do not need this light phase. A seed can be autoflowering and also feminized. But feminized seeds are not necessarily autoflowering all the time.

What is the guarantee that you will get only female plants from feminized seeds?

Like all things scientific, there is no 100 per cent guarantee that you will grow only female plants if you plant feminized seeds. There is always a chance that a male plant will grow from a feminized seed every once in a while. Therefore, you should always be a keen grower. Observe your plants every once in a while, as they grow. if you notice male species or if you see some plants developing pollen sacs then you will have to get rid of them before the pollen mature and pollinate the female plants and contaminate your breed of quality hemp plants.

Benefits of feminized seeds

There are well known benefits of feminized seeds that make them loved by users and growers. Generally, when you buy original haze sativa seeds, it is not immediately obvious that the feminized seeds are better than the regular seeds. But there are some benefits of feminized seeds that are noteworthy. When you deal feminized seeds, you maximize your yield because the male plants are usually unusable and planting only female plants gets ensures that all your yield is usable. Feminization also ensures that you will not have to be worried about other male plants accidently pollinating your plants. Therefore, feminization of seeds eliminates growing of male plants that often make the growing process counterproductive.


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