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When you’re brewing a cup of tea, you’ll need a tea strainer. This device sits over the tea cup to catch any loose tea leaves. There are many different types of tea strainers. You can also use an Infuser basket, Tube infuser, Tea balls, or a Tip tea strainer.

Infuser baskets

Tea strainer infuser baskets come in many styles and have different uses. Each type has its own benefits and drawbacks. The most common style is the tea ball, which is typically made from mesh stainless steel that is attached to a handle or chain. Another popular style is the filter basket, which is larger and designed to fit inside a teapot or a single cup. Other styles include tea sticks and novelty infusers.

Another popular option for tea infusers is the tea egg. These mesh spheres open in half and hold 1 tablespoon of loose tea. They function almost like reusable tea bags. They are often attached to a metal chain or long stick, which fits onto the lip of the cup. These tea infusers are the most versatile of all the tea infusers, as they fit in many types of cups and can be used with any type of tea.

Tube infusers

If you love drinking loose leaf tea, you should invest in a tube infuser for your tea strainer. Its large capacity and clear glass body make it an excellent choice for steeping your favorite tea. It works especially well for floral teas, as you can watch the buds swell and bloom. The tea mugs with infuser is dishwasher-safe, so you can simply remove it from the dishwasher after use. However, be aware that Biotera cork will degrade over time if you use it in the dishwasher.

Tea infusers are also available here in different shapes and sizes. You can choose from a cup-size or a pot-sized version to suit your needs.

Tea balls

Tea balls are a nice way to add a bit of tea flavor to a cup. They’re small enough to be a good budget-friendly option and will make a decent cup of tea. If you want an extra strong cup of tea, you can use two or three balls instead of one. Tea balls are also great if you’re sick and need to drink a lot of tea.

The problem with traditional tea infusers is that you’re wrangling your fingers with each step. Often, you’re going to use your fingers to mix the tea ingredients together, which can cause a finger injury. The traditional tea ball can cause your finger to get pinched, which is not painful but very annoying.

Tip tea strainer

The Tip tea strainer is a simple and convenient tea brewing tool. While most of us use teabags for convenience, many unique and delicious teas are only available in loose leaf form. By avoiding the bleached bag packaging, loose leaf tea provides the freshest tea available. The Tip Tea Strainer enables you to enjoy the freshest loose leaf tea, while still having the convenience of tea bags.

The Tip Tea Strainer is made from stainless steel, making it sturdy and durable for everyday use. It fits into any heat-safe cup or pot. You simply place the strainer over your cup or pot, swing it away from the drip bowl, and allow it to catch loose tea leaves. The strainer is about two inches in diameter, and it has a finger hook for assisted tipping.

Mr. Tea infuser

Saves tea waste and is easy to clean, Mr. Tea infuser is designed to hang in the cup for easy dunking. It also has a horn that’s handy when dunking it into your cup. A charming animal design accompanies the infuser’s functionality.

Made of food-safe silicone rubber, Mr. Tea infuser is dishwasher and microwave-safe. It measures about three and a half inches in diameter. It is designed to fit most cups. To clean it, simply wash it in the dishwasher. It also works with your coffee or tea maker.

If you want to drink tea with fun, the Mr. Tea infuser is an ideal gift for any tea lover. It’s adorable and easy to use and clean. Loose leaf tea can be placed inside the infuser, which can then sit atop the cup while steeping the tea. This tea infuser also helps the environment. While the standard tea bag contributes tons of waste to landfills, this tea infuser is more earth-friendly. It works with all types of loose leaf tea.

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