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In this digital world with the advancement in technology customers and business partners are just a click away.

Tools like emails help in communicating messages and information. But communicating through emails has become too common in the world of internet.

One can say that this easy and fast method of communication does not show how much you care for your customers.

To grab your customer’s attention and make them feel valued you need something nice and attractive. When a customer receives a letter on the company’s letterhead, it gives an impression of professionalism.

Professional letterheads are wonderful promotional tools that help the business to build and maintain a positive reputation.

Letters received on letterheads are considered as official communication by customers or business associates.

What are letterheads?

According to the definition of a letterhead, it is the heading at the top of a business letter paper. Letterhead includes the logo and name of the company, address, and other important contact details.

What are letterheads used for?

Letterheads are a means of communication in the business world. They are used for printing official documents and letters used for communicating with employees, customers or business associates.

Some of the documents which are printed on letterheads are:

  • Notices issued to any individual, group or company
  • Letters, proposals and invoices sent to the customers
  • Job offer letters handed out to new aspiring employees
  • Cover letters for company proposals and presentations
  • Minutes of internal meetings
  • Communication between different departments internally in the company

Letterheads are also used for communicating with authorities and other institutions like banks government agencies etc.

These institutions accept and consider communication made through official, credible documents. Letterheads are the best way to prove your business credibility.

Now that we know what letterheads are used for, let us try to understand what makes a good letterhead?

How do you design the layout and what do you write in a letterhead to ensure it catches the attention of the receiver and the recipient receives all the required contact details of your company.

How to design a letterhead?

Designing a professional letterhead requires meticulous planning. They represent your business when you send important business communication across to customers, business partners and other important institutions.

Letterheads will help make or break your image in the minds of the receiver.

Below mentioned are key elements that you need to keep in mind while designing and creating a professional letterhead:

  • Basic vital details of the business

An effective letterhead should include all the basic vital details of the business like the name and logo of the company, the complete company address, website address of the company, contact details like email address, telephone numbers, fax numbers etc.

The name of the company should be placed at the top of the letterhead, followed by other details below it.

  • The Layout of the letterhead

The layout of the letterhead should be attractive and should direct the readers view to the top of the page where the company’s name and logo are printed.

Use a font that is clear and striking for the letterhead.

The font used for the company name should be the largest on the page; the other elements of the letterhead should have a font size of around 10 to 12 points.

The heading should not look packed; it should be clear and pleasant to read.

It is advisable never to use more than one typeface in the letterhead. Select a typeface that is a reflection of your brand image.

Times New Roman is the best option for a formal font.

  • Colour usage

A professional letterhead is usually printed on a white or cream coloured paper.

The plain base helps to highlight the company logo and other details printed on it.

Using unsuitable colors can distract the readers, shifting their focus from the actual message of the letter.

A four-color letterhead is ideal for formal business letters.

To save on the cost, you can use black and white letterheads and inks for regular business communication purposes.

  • Quality of the paper

The quality of the paper used for your letterhead is an important element. It helps in creating a strong impression in the minds of the reader.

The richness of the paper quality is determined by the weight and the feel of the paper.

It is vital how the print is used against the tone and texture of the paper.

The higher the quality and weight of the paper used, the more important feels the recipient of it.

What is the importance of a letterhead?

  • Official:

 Communication made on a letterhead makes the correspondence look official. Letterheads help to project a professional image.

If you receive a letter claimed to be sent by a company but has no name or logo on it will you trust it? Will it look authentic?

No. Without the name and company logo on the letter, nobody will trust it and consider it as official communication.

  • Marketing tool: 

Letterhead is a powerful marketing tool for the business. When a letter is received, the first thing that catches the reader’s attention is the name and logo of the company.

This plays an important role in brand recalling and brand building. Each time a letterhead is used for communication, it is indirectly marketing the brand.

  • Access contact details:

 A letterhead displays all the important details of the business like the name, contact details, address etc. Clients or business associates can easily find all the information together on the letterhead.

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