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Self-Growth For Your Career

The COVID-19 pandemic has made us rethink our career options. It has wasted over ten months of our careers, and the situation is not getting better since schools and colleges are still closed. 

As are here, I am presuming you are a new pass out, and you want to know the most lucrative career options for 2021. Through this article, I will tell you about some of the best career options for freshers in the post covid world of 2021. 

Academic disciplines like Hotel Management and Mass Communication have suffered due to the Government imposed lockdown since people were not allowed to move out of their homes. 

The hospitality and aviation industry was affected the most, in my option. American University in Dubai made sure that its students get placements as soon as the situation comes back to normal lives that we once lived.

What Are Some Of The Best Career Options For Freshers In 2021?

These are the most lucrative career options for freshers in 2021.


  • Blogging


Since the Government imposed a nationwide lockdown, most of the people lost their jobs since they were not able to go to their workplaces. Many people started to consider blogging as a full-time career option. 

Blogging was done a long time ago, but it was done by people who were experts at writing or affiliate marketing. But the COVID-19 pandemic has opened up the gates to blogging. Each day tens of thousands of bloggers are joining the industry to make an impact.

Another very important reason why blogging has come out as a very lucrative option in 2021 is that due to the covid-19 pandemic, which has forced people to stay at home and consume digital content on a large scale. This boosted the blogging industry to a large extent.


  • Teaching


Teaching is a job that is not going out of fashion anytime soon. Even during the lockdown, teachers taught their students using online education. Online classes have provided teachers with a lot of flexibility, especially for female teachers with small children. In 2021 it will continue to be one of the most sought-after jobs in the world.


  • Digital Marketing


In this day and age, having an online identity is a must for brands to prosper. All these years, brands and small-time businesses have tried out several tactics to sell their products and services to a wider market but have failed. 

Digital Marketing has solved this problem and added to that the advent of social media like Facebook and Instagram, which has further added fuel to the fire. 

Digital MArketing agencies have got a lot of boost amid COVID-19, and it is not going anywhere anytime as small scale businesses and brands are actively looking for digital marketing agencies to run paid advertisements on their behalf, promote their products and services online, and post on social media for them. 

  • Data Science  

Data Science has always been one of the topmost careers in the world. It is actually the process of gathering data both unstructured and refined and making it in such a way that it becomes readable for algorithms. 

Even since the inception of data tools back in the year of 1990, the career opportunities in data mining have drastically increased. In this digital age, Data is the new oil. Data is worth more than oil, is what I mean. You just need to have a diploma in Data Science, and you can get a job as a data scientist. 


  • Doctors


Doctors will always have a very high demand in all the parts of the world. As long as man is mortal, the demands for doctors will not decrease. Apart from being a high paid job, it is also a very reputable job. 

Final Thoughts 

2021 seems to be quite promising for freshers, many new careers have come up, and any new fresher can learn these and make a career out of it.

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