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Speed reducers are devices that reduce the rotational speed and output of the gear. But, at the same time, these devices can also increase the torque of the motor. Now, these devices are beneficial for motors. So, you must choose the best one from the best speed reducer manufacturer.

What Are the Types of Speed Reducer?

These are the major types of speed reducers:

1. Parallel Axis Gear Speed Reducer

Its transmission efficiency is around 98%. At the same time, its reduction ratio is around 1/5 to 1/2500, covering different ratios. It states that the size of the reducer shifts according to the output of the motor.

2. Helical Speed Reducer

This speed reducer is quite similar to the parallel speed reducer. But, the thing that makes it different would be its helical gears. It increases the ratios and power of the reducer. It has a weakness: it generates proportional thrust according to its size, but it can be overcome with double-helical gears.

3. Bevel Gear Speed Reducer

These speed reducers are combined with the bevel gears at a specific angle that would be around 90 degrees. Now, this sort of combination of small and large gears efficiently reduces speed. Furthermore, these are used for outputs like 90-degree swings.

4. Hypoid Speed Reducer

These types of speed reducers increase the power transmission of all sorts of spiral bevel gears. But, it creates an extremely smoother power transmission. Its gear ratio is quite large, but its participation is complicated. So, it’s important to adjust its engagement position.

5. Worm Speed Reducer

This reducer is the combination of two worm wheels. This combination is the key to obtaining a great reduction ratio that would be around 1/10 to 1/60. However, it is also possible to increase the reduction ratio; you have to reduce the lead angle, that’s all.

What Are the Benefits of Speed Reducers?

Let’s take a look at the benefits of speed reducers:

Cost Saving

With the help of the speed reducers, you will save costs for the operating system by setting reducers on multiple torques. At the same time, you will get great reliability and efficiency with your motors.

Environmental Friendliness

With the help of the speed reducers, you will obtain great savings in energy and other component costs. In the meantime, these reducers also help to achieve efficient operators and environment.

Torque Boost

The speed reducers also help to boost the torque that is quite useful for motors. But, that can be achieved when they are directly connected to the motor output.

Reliable Speed Reduction

The speed reducers are quite reliable. That is because they help to reduce output speed, and they also increase the output torque that excellent for motors.

Top Speed Reducer Manufacturers

Take a peek at some of the leading speed reducers manufacturers:

1. DieQua Corporation

It is one of the best and leading speed reducer manufacturers in the industry. This corporation also offers premium quality motor control components along with speed reducers at affordable prices.

2. Cleveland Gear Company

This company is specialized in all sorts of speed control technology. However, they manufacture top quality speed reducers that are best in quality and effective for usage as well.

3. ElectroCraft Inc.

It is another leading manufacturer of speed reducers and other motor components. They manufacture a vast number of wheel-drive applications and other equipment.


I hope now you know all about speed reducers and why it is beneficial to use. So, make sure to choose the right type for you.

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