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Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is one of the old weight loss procedures. In the modern age, gastric sleeve surgery is performed through the laparoscopic method. Weight loss surgeons such as Dr. Feiz recommend this procedure to overweight patients that have a lot of weight to lose. Not to mention, this weight loss procedure is known to provide long-term weight loss benefits that last for many years after the surgery. On top of that, this procedure is also proven to improve certain health conditions that would otherwise cause serious health complications. So, in short, gastric sleeve surgery is not just a weight loss procedure, but it can be used to treat obesity-related diseases. If you want to know more about gastric sleeve surgery and its benefits, we suggest you keep reading this article.


What exactly is gastric sleeve surgery available in Los Angeles?

Before explaining what benefits you can expect from gastric sleeve surgery here in Los Angeles, it is important to tell you what this procedure is all about. Gastric sleeve surgery involves removing up to 80% of your stomach to create a smaller elongated sleeve. When a significant portion of your stomach is removed, you are left with a smaller pouch that can only hold a small amount of food in it. That means you will be able to eat less food, resulting in steady weight loss over some time. Since this procedure doesn’t alter the digestive system and the way your body absorbs nutrients, it doesn’t interfere with the delicate balance of your body’s digestive tract.

The procedure itself is barely one hour long, where small incisions are made in your stomach to insert a laparoscope inside your abdomen along with surgical tools. The surgeon will then remove a portion of your stomach and stitch the remaining part of your stomach back together. The hospital stay after this procedure is usually 2 or 3 days long, depending upon how your wound is healing and whether you are showing signs of complications or not.

What benefits does gastric sleeve surgery have to offer?

Now that you know what this procedure is all about and how it works, let’s jump into the benefits it offers for obese individuals. You can expect the following benefits from gastric sleeve surgery:

Allows you to control hunger pangs: If you get hunger pangs and uncontrolled urges to eat certain foods, gastric sleeve surgery can help. Because when a portion of your stomach is removed, the part that produces the hunger-inducing hormone called ghrelin is also removed. That means you will not feel unnecessary hunger pangs, and since your stomach will be smaller, you will feel satisfied after eating small portions of food.

This procedure is ideal for morbidly obese individuals: While overly obese individuals might not be good candidates for other forms of bariatric surgery such as gastric banding, they can still get gastric sleeve procedures. That makes this surgery the perfect bariatric surgery for individuals with extremely high BMI compared to other bariatric surgery options available in Los Angeles.

Serves as an indirect treatment for medical conditions: This procedure has been known to treat potentially life-threatening conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and other conditions caused by excess weight. By helping patients overcome their weight, gastric sleeve surgery can improve their health and quality of life.

If you look at the gastric band before and after photos and before and after pictures of individuals who had gastric sleeve surgery, individuals who had the latter experienced significantly more weight loss. So, in short, if your goal is to lose up to 60% or more bodyweight, then this procedure is ideal for you.

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