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Fabric duct system is ideal for air conditioning systems, ventilation system. That requires a good air conditioner distribution (HVAC) relies on the distribution of cold air (Conditioned Air Distribution) penetrates through the surrounding surface and along the length of the fabric air duct. Therefore, the distribution of cold air is spread throughout the room faster.

 Compared to the general use of metal air ducts (Galvanized / Metal Air Ducts), which have a nozzle on the ceiling or wall that makes those in the room Feel the wind in the area near the nozzle. As for the area farther away, the cooling of the air conditioner will be reduced according to the distance.

 While feeling that there is no wind blowing (draft free) and the sound is very low if using a fabric air duct low Impulse type at all. It can be called air ducts (Air Socks, Fabric Ducts, and Textile Ducts) saves electricity costs in air conditioning systems. And also suitable for places that need wind power, light air and quiet sound.

Principle of Fabric Air Duct System

The fabric air duct system, works on the principle of air infiltration through the perforations along the length of the fabric air duct When the fabric air ducts are attached to the unit coolers (AHUs or Unit Coolers), cold air will disperse through the fabric ducts in all directions with static pressure that will push the fabric air ducts to inflate into shape.

Nominal is a sphere, hemispherical, or 1/4 of a circle. This static pressure is related to the air flow leaving the chiller’s nozzle making it possible to assess whether Air wind that penetrates from the fabric air duct. There will be a very low wind speed between 0.05 – 0.3 meters per second. Therefore, it is not strange to not feel the force of the wind.


Using air displacement techniques (displacement) air distribution through the pores of the fabric air duct will occur mainly thermodynamics is the cold air inside the pipe, which has a higher density will infiltrate and gradually Floating down evenly which is clearly different from the conventional air circulation system which requires the installation of diffusers and grilles at many points.


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