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Backlink Analysis Tools

Backlinks are among the most vital aspects of any SEO analysis. And, for executing in-depth and accurate backlink analysis of your competitor’s site, you want a high-performance tool. If you aren’t sure which one to go for, we’ve done the search for you.

In this article, we will take a Look at the Best backlink analysis tool that will fit the most appropriate for your purpose and you can get the maximum benefits from the own strategies.


When we Discuss backlink analysis, the name Of Ahrefs comes in the brain. This tool is an entire backlink analysis goldmine and you’ll find a great deal of important information about the domain name. Be it looking for the lost links to filtering low-quality hyperlinks, there are lots of attributes that make SEO audits easier and faster.

And, If You’re planning to mine any links Using the 404 broken page technique, this tool is the best to go with. As to estimating, the Ahrefs tool begins from $99/month. Or, if you want a brief trial of this tool, you may even opt for a 7-day trial and it’ll cost you $7.


SEMRush is the analysis tool which brings in a wide range of performance along with performing backlink analysis. It’s a power for SEO services that can deal with your multiple search engine optimization requirements. For using the backlink evaluation feature of this too, you have to visit the backlink analytics section of the tool and type the domain name.

When you hit enter, this tool will assist you with a great deal of significant data in regards to that area’s backlinks. Be it traffic generated by links to complete domain names utilized for creating links, you’ll find a lot of insights. Regarding the pricing, this program’s basic strategy starts from $99.95monthly, and if you pay upfront for a year, then you can get it for about $84.


LinkMiner is a dedicated backlink analysis Tool and you will require an account from Mangools platform to use this tool. Once you enroll and twist a domain, this tool provides you with a lot of useful data which you may use in your competitor investigation.

The best part about this tool is that you get A lot of useful filters for sorting the links of a specific domain name. And, you might also add backlinks at a favorite section which you can access later. Sticking to LinkMiner’s price, it comes with a label of $29/month and you also get a free trial of 10 days.


If You’re Looking for a freemium tool for backlink The free version of the tool will provide you useful insights into a domain. But if you want to dig down and perform an extensive backlink analysis, then you can also go for its paid version.

If you are learning SEO and backlink evaluation, then this tool is a good match for you as you’ll find a number of good information to start your learnings. Regarding the purchase price of the paid version of Ubersuggest, it begins at $29/month.

Moz Pro

Moz is a popular title in the SEO industry and This company also makes some wonderful SEO tools for making your audit easier and faster and most of the search engine optimization firms added it into their SEO packages. Moz Pro is an assortment of great tools and you’ll find a strong backlink analysis tool in that. Moz’s Link Explorer tool may also provide you all of the required data like SemRush or Ahrefs.

You obtain a package of other crucial tools too so you do not need to get them separately. The pricing for Mox Professional starts at $99/month and you might also opt to their 30-day trial.


It’s the best backlink analysis tool in the Free category of backlink tools also it can provide you a great deal of helpful data about a domain name. This tool permits you to scan up to 1000 links per domain for free and you can use all of the filters to create the audit faster for you.

Plenty of advanced options that can make your competition analysis much faster. If you want to check out how a backlink tool works prior to really subscribing for one, this is the one for you. All you need to do is just register on their website and start using this amazing OpenLinkProfiler tool.

Thus, these were some significant and well-known Tools to make your SEO review consistent. It’s possible to begin with the trials of every backlink analysis tool to discover the very best Match in accordance with your requirements. All-in-one powerhouse tool which can handle multiple jobs, SEMRush is the very best.

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