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What are the best climbing shoes? You have no doubt encountered shoe-related issues if your climbing appetite demands that you partake in every type of climbing. While there are certain shoes that work great for  some types of climbing, others underperform, and buying different shoes for different types of climbing is expensive. Fortunately, you can purchase  the best climbing shoes for narrow feet that can climb on any surface.

The best climbing shoes in our list are shoes that are suitable for bouldering, traditional climbing, and sport climbing. All of these shoes are perfect for climbing, indoors and outdoors, on granite or sandstone.

In climbing, the climbing shoe is the most important piece of equipment.

All the equipment you use is primarily designed to keep you safe – harnesses, ropes, hardware, slings, helmets, etc. However, shoes, oh how glorious they are – they are the catalyst for increased performance.

The climbing shoes allow you to move your weight efficiently – perhaps gain a foothold where you thought none existed, or use that tiny ledge or crystal to hold your weight.- An important component of climbing is to gain confidence in your feet, which is essential in improving your climbing ability.

Buying climbing shoes is the very first thing you should do as a rock climber. The rubber soles will stick to the rock, so they will mold to your feet and assist you in every step.

In time, you will develop a variety of climbing techniques and look for shoes suitable for different types of climbing as your skills improve. There are many avid climbers who own several pairs of shoes, and they switch between them depending on what they are doing.

  • Is the afternoon going nowhere? What you need is a tight, aggressive pair that you can easily put on and take off.
  • How about a day of climbing? You want a more comfortable, form-fitting shoe that you can wear all day, but still perform well when needed.
  • Do you like all kinds of climbing? There are all-rounder shoes that can do it all.

Whether you’re climbing gym walls or rocky crags, you’ll find the right pair for you.

Best climbing shoes are

The La Sportiva Katana Lace is our top pick
Sports Classic: La Sportiva Miura
Scarpa Instinct is the best shoe for wide feet
Sportiva Mythos is most comfortable
The Five, Ten Anasazi Moccasins offer the best value

How to Choose the Best Climbing Shoes for You

Have trouble narrowing it down?

If you can’t decide which shoe is best for all-around climbing, consider the following factors. The shoes on this list meet the first two criteria, which means you should probably pay attention to the last one, fit.

Laces (or Slippers)

If you’re going to climb all types, then you’re probably going to do some crack climbing as well. Velcro straps aren’t the best option for cracks, since they can be painful and come undone if jammed against the rock. Lace works better in cracks, so it’s better for anyone doing any type of climbing.

High-quality Rubber

Hopefully, this feature is self-explanatory. To excel at all climbing styles, a shoe’s rubber must be of the highest quality.

Stealth C4 or Vibram XS Edge rubbers are both among the best climbing rubbers available today. Their medium stiffness and softness makes them suitable for many terrains and rock types.


Make sure to size your climbing shoes correctly and that they fit your foot. This goes for all climbing shoes. It is possible to buy shoes with different foot widths, arch heights, and heel volumes. If you choose a shoe that matches the shape of your foot, you’ll enjoy even more performance.

By buying multiple pairs of shoes from an online retailer that offers free returns, you can get shoes that fit properly.


What are the best climbing shows? It is impossible to describe the importance of climbing shoes and their impact on performance without proper tools for assessing climber performance.

Different research projects have looked at the specific role of hands and feet in climbing in different situations, but until now there has not been a systematic study of how the shape and build of a climbing shoe affect its performance.

As climbing gets more popular and more brands of climbing shoes are being produced, it is increasingly difficult to keep track of all the different types of climbing shoes. When it comes to selecting shoes for beginners, there are some established rules and opinions, but they rely more on experience than experimental data.

In high-performance climbing, it is absolutely imperative to comprehend the working principles of climbing shoes so that climbers will be able to perform better in competitions and push the limits of what is possible. Study of the underlying principles of footwork in climbing and shoe-wall interaction for different shoe materials and forms should be pursued in the future.

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