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Some edible items are best for your fertility. Scroll down to check the edible items list we are talking about to enhance fertility:

Include mature cheese in your diet

Cheese items like parmesan, cheddar, manchego, and the like are the best foods to boost fertility along with the supplements that you have been taking or plan to consume in the future.

These mature cheese items have a higher count of polyamines, which are found originally in animals and plants. Research has shown that polyamines boost the reproductive cycle and system. 

These are also found in abundant quantities inside the human body. Thus, when your body has enough amount that can be with the help of supplements as well as a better diet, your sperm health improves drastically. 

Trustable organic supplement for men

“Creation for men” by Viva Nutra is a trusted organic supplement to increase fertility as safely as possible, saving one from the most embarrassing situations in life ahead. This supplement improves the overall sperm volume, health, and motility rate.

You can buy a single bottle of this supplement, one of the best foods to boost fertility, lasting two or something months straight.

It is clinically tested and proven that it has pure herbal ingredients. These ingredients include Zinc, Tongkat Ali, Maca, L-arginine, and Ginseng. All of them, put together, are famous for increasing male fertility in the most organic and herbal way possible.

For instance, Zinc plays the key role in increasing the testosterone levels, Tongkat Ali helps stimulate the libido or carnal desires within men, Maca, that is initially grown in Peru, helps to fight off the dysfunctional erectile issues and lower sexual performances.s

Sunflower seeds

You often would need an extensive range of Vitamin E supplements in their body. Do not forget to include Sunflower seeds as one of the best foods to boost fertility with the Vitamin E supplement products you are consuming or want to as per the diet chart made.

These seeds improve the DNA fragmentation, sperm count, and its motility rate. More than that, these seeds give at least 49% of the daily Vitamin E needed for an average male body, 16% of daily folate requirements, and around 10% of Zinc required for a male’s body.

Sunflower seeds are eaten in salads, butter, and smoothies. So, it depends on how you want to take them in.


They contain a heavy count of Vitamin C and have been researched a lot by different scientists and researchers on increasing male fertility. 

It has been proved that eating oranges improves sperm motility, morphology, and the entire sperm count in the body.

Fish and seafood

Irrespective of going for the supplements if you are not ready for them yet, start eating fish and other seafood items more. 

They contain a high count of omega-3 fatty acids, which are popularly known for increasing sperm count within a few weeks, along with the observable changes in sperm motility and sexual desires that you would feel for your partner the next time in bed.

Cooked tomatoes

Apart from “Creation for men” organic supplements, you can include cooked tomato in your diet. These are one of the best foods to boost fertility and have been researched for the same quite a few times already.

Tomatoes are rich in antioxidants and lycopene, boosting testosterone and sperm levels in your body. Researchers have shown that 4 to 8 mg of lycopene should be consumed for at least 8 to 12 months. That is when you and your wife are planning for a baby.

You can also consume raw and cooked tomatoes as per your reference and the need. If you are consuming supplements already, then you can decrease the tomato count in the diet. But it should not be neglected all at once.


One of the primary examples of finger-licking-good foods to boost fertility combined with your organic supplementary diet is nothing but oysters. They are the small packets of nutrients your body needs. They amount to 43% of iron, 408% of Vitamin B-12, and 188% of Zinc your body needs for better fertility!

Eat them raw to try the healthiest way for the consumption of the same. Or else, you can introduce oysters as side dishes.

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