Wed. May 29th, 2024
mobile protection plan

India has 299.24 million smartphone users as of 2019. With a 40% hike on internet users, it is expected to double by 2023 as per studies.

Another study shows that 40% of smartphone owners have a broken screen, and 43% of such users prefer to repair it from the manufacturer’s service centre. Nonetheless, this repair can cost a considerable amount. Hence, a mobile phone insurance policy has become mandatory these days as it covers the expenses due to loss and damages.

Followings are some tips to consider if you break your smartphone screen –

  1. Back up all available data on your phone

In present days, mobile phones carry a lot of personal data, photos and several important files. Therefore, before considering any other available options, it is preferable to back up the entire data of your phone. Furthermore, signing out from every social media, e-commerce website and other apps on your phone is a wise decision. A mobile protection plan can cover the financial loss, but this step is mandatory to protect your data from online frauds and hackers.

  1. Check the features of mobile phone insurance

The next step would be checking the features of the available mobile protection plan. Different insurance providers offer various features. If the insurance policy covers screen damage, it is definite to apply for reimbursement after repairing it.

Leading insurance aggregator Bajaj Finserv provides Pocket Insurance & Subscriptions including the Mobile Screen Insurance policy which not only financially covers you for screen malfunctions but also damages caused due to theft and burglary.

Moreover, you can also purchase a mobile charger insurance plan to financially protect this essential hardware against damage, loss or breakdown.

  1. Repair it from authorised service centres

Every smartphone comes with a warranty period that covers manufacturer defects. However, it is highly unlikely that the warranty also covers accidental damages like a broken display. Thus, as a buyer, you can look for paid repair from your manufacturer’s service center. Check the official website of the company to find out the nearest service center of your phone manufacturer and visit their shop as early as you can.

Nonetheless, this phone screen repair expense will be reimbursed if you have a mobile insurance policy.

  1. Check with local phone repair shops

Other than the concerned manufacturer customer service centers, aplenty local repair shops are also available. Even though the repair cost is substantially low in these local centers, a reputation check is required before selecting one. Moreover, third-party repairing can void the warranty. That means your mobile manufacturer can refuse to serve you in the future.

Additionally, due to a lack of authenticity, you might not also be allowed to avail of the reimbursement from your mobile phone insurance plan if repaired by a third-party service provider.

  1. Sell the broken phone

If the broken phone is old, then it is advisable not to spend a substantial price to repair it. Instead, you can sell it off and buy a new mobile phone.

Also, make sure to buy the best mobile insurance available in the market once you buy a new phone. You can also purchase a handheld tablet device insurance policy if you own one. This plan also provides similar coverage as a smartphone insurance cover.

Even if you are overprotective, it is not possible to avoid damages to your phone at all times. Hence, you can avail maximum protection by purchasing a high coverage mobile insurance plan to avoid financial crunches while repairing it.

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