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What are the Career Benefits of Learning DevOps?What are the Career Benefits of Learning DevOps?

“In a time-to-market oriented business, DevOps with its open and agile attitude, helps organizations deliver business value quicker, adapt to change easier, and render people less afraid of it, as they trust that there is always a process to navigate the chaos.”

  • Adam Novak, Development Process Practice Lead.

The quote makes it clear that DevOps is essential for every organization to acquire continual improvement. Eventually, it also makes it clear that going with the DevOps basics course and initiating a career in such technology can be really rewarding. 

There are many more reasons that make you conclude the same.

  • The global DevOps (Development and Operation) market size stood at USD 3,709.1 million in 2018 and is expected to reach USD 14,969.6 million by 2026, revealing a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 19.1%during the period of forecast.
  • DevOps Software Segment is expected to produce the highest revenues during this forecast period.
  • It is the ongoing shift to hybrid cloud and enhancement in operational efficiency that fuels the growth of DevOps.
  • Eventually, there is a surge in demand for skilled and trained professionals in DevOps; has seen a 75% hike in job listings in DevOps, while LinkedIn has observed a 50% hike in the same. 
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Let us now explore what DevOps actually is and why you should learn DevOps.

DevOps Overview

Clearly, the term DevOps is obtained by merging the two terms Dev and Ops, where Dev refers to the Development team and Ops refers to the Operations team. So an approach to the process of software development where Development teams and Operations teams come together across all the stages is referred to as DevOps. 

The steps involved are designing a product, development, testing, deployment, and assistance. Here software development comes along with IT operations.

The phases involved in DevOps are:

  • Planning the iteration of the development of the product.
  1. Building/ creating the code.
  2. Test and deploy to the production environment.
  3. Deliver updates to the products
  4. Monitoring performance of the product/software.
  5. Gathering feedback from customers

 The benefits of implementing DevOps culture in organizations are:

  • Speed: DevOps practices enable you to go fast with innovation along with adapting to changes with ease.
  • Quick Delivery: it enables you to reduce the implementation time of new services from months to minutes.
  • It enhances the productivity of business and IT teams. 
  • DevOps provides standardized processes for easy replication and quicker delivery.
  • DevOps practices improve the quality, reusability, and reliability of all system components. 
  • It reduces the costs required for maintenance and upgrades and eliminated irrelevant expenditures.
  • Improves collaboration between IT and operations teams by combining their workflows and sharing their responsibilities.

Is DevOps a good career option?

A steady spike is seen in the demand for DevOps experts. If you are involved in software development, learning DevOps is really a good career option. Let us see how?

  • The demand for DevOps talent is soaring.

Since DevOps is revolutionizing the way, software development goes. It has eliminated the issues that prevailed between the development and operations teams. As companies are looking for ways of implementing DevOps, there is a 75% increase in the listings of DevOps jobs across the globe, and that too in almost every sector.

  • With DevOps, you get a definite career path

Did you know that tech giants like Facebook, Barclays, Accenture are always looking for professionals who are skilled and trained in DevOps? 

The DevOps roles are ever-evolving, and all of them enjoy great salaries. 

The average annual salaries are:

DevOps Release Manager – USD 81,000

DevOps Test Engineer – USD 115,000

DevOps Architect – USD 130,000

Moreover, the average annual salary of a DevOps Engineer in India is around INR 6.5 lacs.

There is a disparity between the demand for DevOps skilled professionals and the supply of the same. This is also a reason for learning DevOps, which can be really rewarding. 

Improved Communication and Collaboration

Since DevOps is all about collaboration between the two teams, as a DevOps expert, you become excellent at communication as you are the one responsible for bridging the gap between the Development team and Operations team.

  • Work with Good Developers

Assessment with every iteration gives you the chance to improve yourself. Since software development is not just coding, each member of the team is given the responsibilities that best suit their skills. So, all the members work on the tasks they are good at. 

  • A Good Organizational Culture

When you work in a DevOps team, it improves your interpersonal relationships. How?

Here’s the answer.

First, the team members realize that they are working with a common goal, and they can shoulder the challenges arising in work.

Second, it promotes better understanding between the team members.

Third, when you build up a good network across departments, you can come across alternative career paths. 

  • Shorten Production Cycles

When there is a DevOps expert, there is a good collaboration between the teams of development and operations, thereby eliminating the siloes. So the production cycles are reduced significantly.

Apart from the benefits of learning DevOps listed above, there are many more benefits that include:

  • You can increase the deployment success rates
  • Increases your efficiency via automation
  • Increase the quality of your product
  • You can increase your value
  • You can get respected in IT teams
  • The foremost reason for learning DevOps is it increases your salary

Since the companies are looking for streamlining interaction between the two crucial teams, the creation of healthy DevOps culture is possible only if they have DevOps professionals in their workforce.

Do you want a Career in DevOps?

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