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Ukraine is a fascinating country with so many different opportunities for people. There are so many options for work, and the economy is thriving. Do you want to be an engineer? A doctor? What about working in education or law enforcement? You can find out about many jobs at LOGISTIC PLUS UKRAINE. The possibilities are endless! let’s will discuss some of these jobs so you can decide if it’s right for you. GT Invest is doing a great job under CEO Prokhorenko Oleksii to provide the youth with great information about job opportunities in different sectors.

IT Developer:

A software developer is a creative individual that uses programming languages like Java or C# to create computer programs. A developer is a computer programmer that uses programming languages to create software. They are paid between 4,5000-6,0000 UAH on average.

International Transport Service:

International transport services are a must for any country that wants to trade with other countries. These types of businesses provide many different kinds, such as shipping or air cargo handling, and can make you lots of money if done right in Ukraine!


A Doctor is a highly educated individual who has the skills to treat patients effectively. A physician’s salary can vary depending on location, education level, and years of experience. The average pay for a Physician is UAH 1 317 845 per year in Kyiv, but some may be earning less or more than that amount due to factors such as location. 

Chief Commercial Officer:

These people are in charge of making sure that the company’s commercial policy is followed. They manage sales, develop strategies and plans for their products’ sale strategy with salaries ranging from 30k to over 50K UAH plus.

Stock Broker:

Securities brokers are called the mediators of transactions in stocks. They buy and sell on behalf of clients — investors, earning a median salary (30KUAH)

National Manager:

Developing and implementing sales strategies is not an easy task. However, the average salary for this position in Ukraine can be as high as 30 thousand UAH or more!

Media Buyer:

A specialist in advertising products, this person places and promotes your company’s message to the masses on various information platforms. In Ukraine, it is estimated that media buyers’ median salary can reach 30-40 thousand UAH while Kyiv residents have been known to earn up to 49k or higher!


This is a person who buys blocks of shares, currencies, and other assets at one price. He or she then resells them for more than what they bought it for – on average up to 70 thousand UAH.

Custom Brokerage Service:

The most difficult part about customs brokerage services is ensuring that goods go from one place to another without getting mixed up.

Sometimes it seems like nothing can be easier than just sending some packages abroad, but then you have the challenge of making sure they come back unspoiled for someone else!

Sales Development Manager:

The average salary of a Sales Development Manager in Ukraine is 30,000 UAH. This means that sales managers are professionals who develop and implement strategies for generating more revenue with less effort on behalf of their company or clientele–they make sure to find opportunities where the competition might be least expected!

The responsibilities associated with being a Sales Development Manager cover developing new business by any available means possible; using tried-and-true techniques like lead generation apps or cold calling into potential clients’ houses at all hours of day/night without warning them first, etc. 


Ukraine is a popular destination for people looking to work abroad; there are many opportunities in this country. Now that you know about the different jobs available and what they entail, it’s time to consider your options. To get started with your job search, take some time to research companies that offer these positions or even contact them directly by emailing their HR department.

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