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If you are looking to purchase a smart TV then there are so many different things that you need to consider for making a smart and informed choice. It is important to purchase a TV from a reliable manufacturer with an exceptional track record and professional customer support service to the consumers.

Hisense is one of the most prominent and reliable manufacturer of high quality smart TVs in the market. The company’s production line is amongst the best in the market and the cutting edge technology provided by https://hisense.sg/ has made these TV products incredibly popular amongst the consumers. The company has been in the business of manufacturing televisions for more than 50 years and thus has gained incredible experience as well as expertise in the domain.

With so much variety and options available in the market, it often becomes confusing for the customer to know which is best option for them. This is where understanding some basic aspects related to the different types of TV in the market and their features will help you make an educated decision for your purchase.

QLED vs. LED: What should you know?

The LED, light emitting diode, is essentially a technology where light is emitted by semiconductor when electricity is made to pass through it. The generation of light happens when the electric current combines with semi-conductor. In the LED functioning, there are various RGB tiny LED light bulbs which are arranged within the board for creating the backlight. The backlight that is generated is filtered through various layers of the polarized films for producing blacks on the screen. Then it gets combined for final display panel where each of the LED bulb would act as the pixel and then separately glow in Green, Blue, or Red based on the picture input.

The QLED uses the same type of LED bulbs for creating the backlit display panel however the fundamental difference is an additional layer of quantum dots film is placed at the front of LED backlight. The quantum dots are used for optimizing the quality of each pixel in the emission of light for generating for generating the display which has significantly brighter whites and deeper blacks. The stunning display quality is a result of high contrast ratio, deeper black, and a wide array of the color gamut through quantum dots.

The ULED is a proprietary technology that has been developed by Hisense, and it is a smarter alteration or variation of QLED. Hisense makes use of cutting-edge software using its various patents on top of the hardware features provided by QLED, in 4 crucial aspects of ultra local dimming, ultra-wide color gamut, ultra smooth motion rate, and ultra 4K resolution.

The software is similar to AI which drives hardware capability for optimizing the potential of quantum dot film. For more information on the different aspects of the various technology used in the display panel you can check out the official website of Hisense.

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