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Insurance has become synonymous to security, especially in these times. And among the different types of insurance, a health policy is the one that it stands most true for. However, even after buying policy you may face problems if you don’t have an idea of what kind of policy you should buy. However, even if you do that, don’t worry. You have another chance to improve it at the time of renewal.

Health insurance renewal saves you from going all the way back and buying a new policy if you end up making wrong selections. However, even renewal has its tricky turns that you need to get past. You don’t know what changes you need to make to your policy, what is the right amount of money you should pay, etc. All of these factors are filters that you need to look at while renewing your health insurance policy. But doing so can be a tedious task as well, especially during a time-sensitive process like policy renewal.

To solve this problem, many insurance providers have created mobile apps. These apps allow you to manage all parts of your insurance policy from the comfort of wherever you are. This also includes renewing your insurance policy. However, every new experience has a learning curve. Hence, here are a few things to keep in mind while you renew your health insurance plan through an app:

Renewing Policy

Renewal may feel like a formality but it is much more than that. If you can afford it, renewal is the perfect opportunity for upgrading your health plan. Your coverage requirement may be very different from when you initially bought it. You may not have been aware of the minute details of how to make the right choices with health insurance. Hence, you ended up overbuying or underbuying.

Renewing through an app offers you a better chance to strike a difference between what you include and exclude out of your policy.

Accessibility to information

The process of renewal is a tedious one. Even when you have gone through your current coverage and decided what you need to change, there is a lot remaining to be done. The renewal process requires you to provide information and documents that may be necessary for the process. This information can include your policy number, coverage terms, etc.

Following a traditional approach to health insurance renewal, you would have to show up to a branch or meet with an insurance agent. You would have to present your policy documents along with anything else that the process requires. Doing all of this can make renewal much tougher than it needs to be.

When you use an app to manage your health insurance, all the information and documents required are already present on the app. Hence, the hassle of storing your documents, procuring them whenever asked for, keeping in contact with your insurance provider during renewal, etc. ceases to exist.


Using the tradition way to renew your insurance involves filling forms and submitting document as quick as you can to avoid a coverage lapse. However, even if you are as quick as the wind, the processing of the renewal at the end of the insurer can take a lot of time.

Once you have downloaded the app, you need to add the policy details correctly and also check if the auto fetched policy details are correct. You should then renew the insurance policy by selecting the required policy duration & coverage you opt for.  After completion of payment, your new policy documents arrive through email or other digital mediums immediately.

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